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From symptoms to diet and support – settling into early pregnancy, with Cryos

FEATURING Cryos International  |   8 Nov 2022

A midwife’s guide to before, during and after pregnancy

There’s a space in many fertility journeys, before and between a positive pregnancy test and settling into early pregnancy, where you might need a bit of extra support. This is natural – we’ve been there too – and having a guide to work through those early days is really helpful. 

Catch our Q&A with Cryos International, going over their brilliant new eBook The Midwife’s Guide to Before, During and After Pregnancy. Written by a senior midwife for the world-leading sperm and egg bank, it covers everything you need to know, when shifting your mindset and lifestyle for early pregnancy. 

To give you a preview, TRB founder and CEO Eloise covers key topics from the book, including: 

  • early pregnancy signs, symptoms, and what to look for
  • what to eat during early pregnancy 
  • help navigating the first trimester
  • Tips from Cryos International, for the super-early weeks of pregnancy

Get your copy of the book for free, in one easy download.

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