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Is Genetics Testing Worth It?

14 Jan 2022

Are you wondering about genetics testing on embryos and eggs?  Is genetics testing worth it and how can genetics testing help fertility treatment for pregnancy?

Watch this video to have all these questions about egg and embryo genetic testing answered.

  • Why do people have genetics testing on embryos and eggs?
  • Who can genetics testing help?
  • How does genetics testing work with fertility treatment?
  • Can I test for miscarriage and baby loss?

Founder of FHH, Eloise, speaks with the world’s first IVF baby in the USA, Elizabeth Carr, about genetics testing with fertility treatment.  Elizabeth is the patient advocate at Genomic Prediction, known as LifeView, (view LifeView’s profile here).

As world leaders in the field of preimplantation genetic testing, LifeView provide convenient, accurate and cost-effective genetics testing – visit their website here.

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