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Gut talk: your microbiome and fertility – what’s the link?

FEATURING Zita West  |   23 Aug 2023

What’s the deal with your gut microbiome and fertility?

Imagine having the key to unlock a healthier path to fertility. Well, guess what? We were joined by Zita West to chat through the gut microbiome and fertility connection.

  • What is the gut microbiome? Zita walks us through the basics – what it is and what it does. Ever wondered how this tiny ecosystem of bacteria could impact your fertility? Zita’s got the answers!
  • How does the gut microbiome impact fertility? We break it down, helping you understand the science behind it. Who knew that those little microbes could play such a significant role in your journey to parenthood?
  • How do I know if I have an imbalanced microbiome? We chat through clues to look out for. Plus, Zita dishes out advice on things you might want to avoid – because taking control of your gut health is a powerful step toward enhancing your fertility potential.
  • Is there anything to avoid? Can stress compromise gut health? Zita will address this burning question and explore whether stress could compromise your gut health. Get ready to uncover some eye-opening insights.
  • How can supplements help support a healthy microbiome? Fear not – there are easy changes you can make within your control. Zita will explain how certain supplements can actually support a healthier gut microbiome, ultimately giving your fertility journey a boost.

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