How to avoid aggravating your vagina

19 Jan 2023

Products to avoid for a healthy vagina

Our vaginas are wonderful and they deserve to be treated properly, but you’d be surprised at how many products don’t have their best interests at heart. Maintaining a healthy vagina is important for your overall health, mental wellbeing and fertility. We spoke to Kelly (MD) from YES, an intimate health community with over 20 years of expertise, to give us the lowdown on which products are a big no-no.

Watch as Kelly explains what products you should not put near your vagina and why. We also discuss how to make sex more fun when it becomes a chore whilst TTC and at times of stress.

Talking points include:

  • What are the main products that can aggravate your vagina?
  • What could be causing your vaginal dryness?
  • How do you optimise vaginal pH levels?
  • Which everyday conditions can be the result of an aggravated vagina (itching, numbing, UTIs, thrush etc.)?
  • When TTC, what are the key ingredients to avoid?
  • What happens if you have an allergic reaction down there?

We also picked up with YES to talk which ingredients shouldn’t make it near a gynecologist-recommended lubricant. Check out the 9 things that shouldn’t go near your vagina for further reading.

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