How Acupuncture & Counselling Support Fertility Treatment

3 Dec 2020

This week Mollie Graneek and Dr Venkat joined Eloise at Fertility Help Hub, for a Fertility SOS virtual chat about how and why fertility acupuncture, counselling and hypnotherapy can be useful when having fertility treatment and trying to conceive naturally. As Mollie touches on below, fertility treatment is a highly anxious and stressful experience.

Watch and listen back to the chat to find out when is a good time to seek holistic support (such as fertility acupuncture and counselling) and how Harley Street Fertility Clinic include this in their fertility treatment plans because they see how beneficial it is to their patients.

We discuss how can acupuncture for fertility can help with low ovarian reserve, embryo transfer and increased IVF success rates. Mollie also discusses donor conception and the complexities that come with this, where fertility counselling can be most helpful. You get to hear from some of HSFC’s previous patients about the value it added to their fertility journey and how Dr Venkat is ‘like a mother’ to them.

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