How Can I Prevent Recurrent Miscarriage? A Fertility Specialist Explains

19 May 2022

Watch back as TRB Founder (Eloise) speaks with fertility specialist Dr Saravelos (from Apricity fertility clinic) about recurrent miscarriage.

They discuss:

  • What recurrent miscarriage is and why it happens.
  • How to prevent recurrent miscarriage.
  • Is recurrent miscarriage considered infertility?
  • How common is recurrent miscarriage?
  • Does IVF help with recurrent miscarriage?
  • What tests can be done for recurrent miscarriage?
  • What emotional support is available for those suffering from recurrent miscarriages?
  • What treatment is available at Apricity fertility clinic for recurrent miscarriage?

This really is a video not to be missed.

Find out more about Apricity fertility clinic here and book an appointment to speak with an advisor.

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