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How does BMI affect fertility?

FEATURING TFP Fertility UK  |   23 Jun 2023

What is the ideal BMI for fertility – and in pregnancy?

We know more than ever before about optimising our TTC (trying to conceive) game plan. One thing that pops up is weight and BMI (body mass index) but how does BMI affect fertility, and our chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy?

We caught up with TFP Fertility UK Medical Director Dr James Hopkisson for a quick-fire Q&A on BMI and fertility, putting the most common questions into the spotlight.

Discover the reliability of BMI as a metric for fertility (both natural and assisted), learn what the ‘ideal’ BMI for fertility actually is, and whether it can also have an impact on male fertility – plus much more!

For cutting-edge expertise, and patient-first care and support, TFP Fertility UK helps patients create a completely unique plan, built just for them. From low or high BMI to specific health concerns and underlying conditions, they are prepped to make your experience the absolute best it can be.

We’ve also written full deep-dive Q&A on the ideal BMI for fertility, you can read it here.

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