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Implantation dysfunction – watch our expert Q&A

9 Aug 2022

Implantation dysfunction expertise, with Sher Fertility Solutions

On the agenda today – implantation dysfunction – why, how and next steps, all covered in our expert Q&A. Join Sher Fertility Solutions and our founder Eloise, chatting all things implantation, uterine lining and gold standard of care. 

Dr Sher himself led the very first study on endometrial thickness and its impact on implantation in 1989, so there’s really no-one better to chat about this complex area of reproductive health. 

Watch our live Q&A, covering: 

– What do we mean by implantation dysfunction? 

– The impact on success rates

– Anatomical factors (from fibroids to polyps)

– Endometrial (uterine) lining thickness

– Immunologic factors

– What to ask for, at your next appointment 

Ready to book a consult? Contact Sher Fertility Solutions and find out more about their pioneering work in implantation dysfunction. 

All caught up? Keep an eye on our newsletter for Part 2, where we’ll cover the link between implantation dysfunction and immunology.

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