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Dr Pfeifer answers your top fertility questions

3 Jan 2023

Your fertility questions answered

When it comes to fertility, there’s no such thing as a silly question. We spoke to Dr Samantha Pfeifer – fertility specialist at Weill Cornell, New York – who treated our very own founder and CEO Eloise, to get definitive answers to all the fertility questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor.

From sex and pregnancy education to whether infertility is hereditary, as well as whether thyroid can affect fertility – don’t miss this fact from fiction 101.

Among others, Dr Pfeifer addresses these juicy questions head-on:

  • Does penis size affect fertility? 
  • Do IVF babies have fertility issues? 
  • Will I have a boy with IVF?
  • Am I more fertile at the start of my period?
  • Does a woman stop being fertile in her 40s?
  • Do fertility issues run in the family?
  • Does saliva affect pregnancy chances?

You can book a personal consultation with Dr Pfeifer at Weill Cornell fertility institute.

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