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IVF stim lengths – why and how can they vary?

FEATURING IVF Life  |   22 Sep 2023

Does IVF stimulation length vary? Could it vary from cycle to cycle?

Watch as Dr. Alexandra Eissler from IVF Life discusses how long patients stimulate for, what an average timeline is for stims, and why cycles can vary. We also discuss how to reduce the chance of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), and deep dive into the following questions.

  1. You might be wondering, “How does IVF stimulation work, and what are the steps involved in this crucial phase of the fertility journey?”
  2. Have you ever wondered about the average timeline for ovarian stimulation (stims)? And why might you need to extend IVF stimulation length during your fertility treatment?
  3. Are you curious about the common symptoms that may arise during IVF stimulation, and is it normal to experience any bleeding during this phase of your fertility journey?
  4. Have you considered the option of Duo stimulation for your fertility treatment? And is it safe to pursue this approach within the same menstruation cycle, as you embark on your unique fertility journey with IVF Life?
  5. Are you concerned about the potential side effects of ovarian stimulation (stims) on your fertility journey? And how can you take measures to minimize the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)?
  6. Wondering how many follicles you should aim for after ovarian stimulation? And what is the optimal follicle size to maximize your chances of success on your fertility journey?

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