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What happens during IVF treatment (and is it scary)?

21 Jun 2022

Should I be scared of having IVF? And what happens, exactly, at each stage of treatment? 

Prep for your first (or next) round with our expert Q&A for a reassuring run-through, with Medical Director Dr Tortoriello at Sher Fertility Solutions in New York. 

Watch FHH founder Eloise cover a range of questions from our TTC community – join the tribe now for regular support and connection – including: 

  • PGT-A queries
  • what happens next, if your first go doesn’t work
  • azoospermia diagnoses and your options 

Plus, lots more. 

Looking into Ovarian PRP treatment? Sher Fertility Solutions are currently offering patients 25% off one treatment cycle. Speak to their amazing team and find out more.  

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