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IVF with donor eggs – faster recipient matching with CRGH Fertility Clinic

FEATURING CRGH Fertility Clinic  |   17 Nov 2023

IVF with donor eggs recipient matching – quicker, simpler and tailored to you

Watch our expert webinar session with Dr Ali Al Chami (Fertility Consultant at CRGH) and Suzanne Cawood (Director of Embryology at CRGH).

From insights into their donor selection processes, innovative technologies, and how a brand new partnership with a Finnish egg bank is reducing wait timesthe team from CRGH answer your questions.

Their team understand that your path to parenthood is unique, and their mission is to make the process quicker, simpler, and more tailored to your individual needs.

Get insight on:

  • The CRGH approach, and what’s offered as standard
  • Insights into the donor selection process
  • A step-by-step guide to finding your donor
  • How CRGH has reduced wait times for egg donor recipients
  • The key things to know for your specific journey

If you’re looking into using donor eggs, or want to understand if it may be a good option for you – reach out to CRGH’s amazing team today.

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