Kelsi’s TTC IVF Journey #fertility #infertility

6 Feb 2021

Kelsi’s IVF Journey

Watch above to me chatting live with the awesome Kelsi from @myjourneywithivf. She has been openly documenting her TTC IVF journey for many years and tells it how it is. Thank you, Kelsi, for answering personal questions and being an ambassador for our giveaway of free IVF / donor sperm Fertility Clinics vs. Covid campaign. Kelsi is open in giving her account of her journey. Kelsi has been:

  • An ectopic pregnancy

  • An ectopic surgery

  • Scarring on her fallopian tubes which caused them to become blocked

Their only option was IVF:

  • IVF Round 1 > one egg retrieved and no embryo

  • IVF Round 2 > 10 days of STIMS; Kelsi ovulated early before retrieval and had to start over again for

  • IVF Rounds 3- 7 > eggs retrieved, 4 embryos

Unfortunately, their first embryo transfer didn’t stick; then, with their second, two embryos were put in and one stuck, but they sadly miscarried at 7 weeks. Their third embryo transfer is coming in February, with their last remaining embryo. We have absolutely everything crossed for them.


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