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Male Fertility Health and LGBTQ+ Family Building via Surrogacy & Egg Donation

3 Jun 2021

Male Fertility Health & Optimising Sperm Quality

June is Gay Pride month in the UK and we have the fortune of being joined by fertility specialist expert, Dr Guy Ringler, from California Fertility Partners clinic in Los Angeles. Watch as Dr Ringler discusses:

  • What male fertility tests should men have and how early on in the trying to conceive (TTC) process
  • Male fertility with age
  • What can men do to improve sperm naturally
  • Male fertility treatment options for heterosexual men and same-sex male couples
  • LGBTQ+ family building options for men & fertility success
  • Surrogacy process, costs & wait times
  • Egg donation choices for same sex male couples, the process and costs

To speak to Dr Ringler and the team of fertility specialists at California Fertility Partners, click here…


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