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Male fertility questions answered: a Medical Director’s Q&A

10 Jun 2022

It’s Men’s Health Month in the US, and we’re diving right in with an expert Q&A. Our main takeaway: talking about ‘male fertility issues’ rather than ‘infertility’, as certain challenges can be addressed, and even reversed.

Watch FHH founder Eloise quiz Dr Smikle, Medical Director at boutique clinic Laurel Fertility Care, in California.

With questions direct from our fertility community (join our Squad for free), this video sets out the key factors and talking points for you and your team.

From sperm testing, male fertility analysis and treatment options to causes of infertility, Dr Smikle shares his expertise on all things male factor. We deep dive on specific causes of fertility issues, including:

  • endocrine issues
  • previous steroid use
  • congenital absence
  • smoking/lifestyle
  • impact of heat
  • environmental factors

Alongside causes, Dr Smikle outlines the steps he takes with patients, and the typical clinical pathways to improving male fertility and sperm quality/health. He also discusses the reasons and rationale behind clinical decisions and treatment recommendations, empowering you with the background info you need, before your consultation.

Live questions from our viewers and host (hop over to Insta for upcoming Q&As) include:

  • Can a man reverse infertility after using steroids? (16.57)
  • Great semen but low testosterone – what does this mean? (18.19)
  • What supplements negatively impact fertility (men and women)? (19.11)
  • No ‘normal-shaped sperm’ – does this mean we can’t get pregnant? (21.14)
  • How often should you have sex, to conceive naturally? (22.07)
  • Does it make a difference when a sperm sample is taken (morning, lunchtime, evening) (23.20)
  • Can sperm tests improve from one day to the next? (24.20)
  • Does age impact fertility for men? (25.50)
  • Pituitary gland fertility issues – what treatment is available? (27.18)

Connect with Laurel Fertility Care to book a session with Dr Smikle, and learn more about the clinic’s individualised care approach.

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