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Male infertility questions answered, from the experts

FEATURING TFP Fertility UK  |   28 Nov 2023

Get answers to your male infertility questions, directly from the best in the business

We asked Dr Ishola Agbaje, Consultant Gynecologist and Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery at TFP Fertility UK for the top aspects he’d like male patients to have better information on, before starting their journey.

Watch as he covers off;

  • The most common sperm concerns
  • The most successful treatments for sperm-related infertility
  • The lifestyle factor that has the biggest impact on male fertility
  • And more of your male infertility questions

Got more male infertility questions or concerns? Catch up with Dr Agbaje for more of the facts to keep in mind, as you navigate next steps, here.

Ready to talk tests and treatment? Connect with the world-leading team at TFP Fertility UK – find a clinic and get started on a plan that’s completely dedicated to you.

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