A fertility journey has a big impact, here’s how to bubble-wrap

FEATURING Zita West  |   11 May 2023

We sat down with leading fertility expert Zita West to discuss mental health and fertility, as well as chatting through some tips for taking care of your mental health when TTC.

A practising midwife and nutritional advisor with over 40 years’ experience, her natural as well as medical approaches to fertility are world renowned.

Watch as she shares expert mindfulness and nutritional advice, including the following;

  • The best ways to prepare for fertility treatment
  • Tips for managing your mental health during the waiting periods
  • How you can relieve stress to help both your mind and your body
  • Mindfulness and the positive effects it can have when TTC
  • Supplements and holistic remedies you can take to promote mental health and fertility

Supplements can be a more convenient way to help get the correct amount of nutrients for both mind and body when TTC. Zita West offers a complete and specialized range of premium fertility supplements tailored to you and your journey, whichever stage you’re currently at.

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