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Low AMH, implantation failure & miscarriage – the latest advances in treatment and support

FEATURING International Fertility Group  |   4 Apr 2024

Can ovarian rejuvenation treatment help?

The answer is – quite possibly.

Watch our expert webinar session with Dr Uliana Dorofeyeva, IVF Specialist at the world-leading International Fertility Group (IFG).

Supporting low AMH, implantation failure and miscarriage

Get the expert perspective, as she covers:

  • The low AMH and miscarriage connection
  •  A look into the current standard of care

We also chat through all things ovarian rejuvenation treatment, including;

  •  Ovarian rejuvenation updates
  •  Who might be a candidate for ovarian rejuvenation
  •  The IFG approach, and what’s offered

If you’re looking into ovarian rejuvenation to support your fertility journey, or just looking for a second opinion – connect with IFG to chat through your options today.

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