How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

11 Jan 2022

Wondering: How to prepare your body for pregnancy?

Many of our FHH community (download the free app here) want to know how to prepare for pregnancy.  Watch this video in which FHH Founder Eloise speaks with the Founder of Roots and Shoots Fertility, Emily, about preparing your body for pregnancy.

Emily is a registered clinical nutritionist and soon she’s running a 6-week ‘From Roots to Shoots’ fertility preparation programme that’s perfect for anyone TTC.  Click here to find out more.

If you’re trying to conceive, watch the video above to learn:

  • Preparing for conception
  • Preparing for fertility treatment and IVF explained
  • Nutrition for fertility
  • Tips on getting pregnant faster
  • Toxins to avoid when TTC
  • Sleep and exercise for fertility
  • Holistic treatment for fertility like fertility acupuncture

Emily’s incredible upcoming 6-week course on preparing for pregnancy begins on 12th February so don’t miss the chance to book your place by clicking here.

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