Donor Conception

Talking it through – how to prepare for donor conception

7 Oct 2022

Bookmark these amazing resources, as you prepare for donor conception

Whether you’re getting ready to start the donor-conception process, or prepping for parenthood, the build-up can be nerve-wracking. Use that energy to bookmark and tap into these amazing resources for intended parents-to-be now, before the long nights (and wild ride!) kick in.

TRB founder – and mum to three donor-conceived kids – Eloise, and world’s largest sperm and egg donor bank Cryos International, caught up live this week, to chat through resources. Plus, lots of info on:

  • the process of selecting a donor
  • how donors are screened
  • the amazing team at Cryos International, ready to help at every step

From online community groups to podcasts, books, talks-gone-viral, real-life blog posts, guidance and lots more, we’re covering top recommendations from the people who’ve been through it. Plus, the support Cryos provide in-house, as the world’s largest sperm and egg donor bank.

With 35+ years of family-building experience, they’re the people to quiz, when preparing to meet your donor-conceived baby. Contact their expert team for help today. 


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