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Preparing for birth with The Mindful Birth Group

FEATURING The Mindful Birth Group  |   11 Oct 2022

Preparing for birth

Are you pregnant and want to know how to prepare for birth? For most of us, the buildup to a birth brings equal parts excitement and terror – all normal, but at times overwhelming.

Emiliana, founder of The Mindful Birth Group, shared her expert advice for intended parents.

Empower your planning with The Mindful Birth Group

Watch as Emiliana gives tips on:

  • Care / planning (especially after loss, complicated early pregnancy, fertility treatment)
  • Practical prep (speaking to midwifes, planning for home births, finding a local doula)
  • Mind-body prep (mindfulness, self-care, risk awareness)
  • After-birth / postnatal recovery & support

It’s never too early (or late) to start prepping for birth.

Learn more about The Mindful Birth’s incredible courses for whatever stage of pregnancy or post natal stage you’re at.

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