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What is the Process of Testing Sperm? A Urologist Explains

9 Feb 2022

Struggling to get pregnant and wondering if fertility issues could be male factor?

In this video, Fertility Help Hub’s Founder, Eloise, speaks with Urologist Dr. Ramy Abou Ghayda, CMO at Legacy about improving sperm health.

Legacy (visit their profile here and website here) is a digital fertility clinic that helps people with sperm test, freeze, and improve sperm quality, from the comfort of their own at home.  Sperm analysis results are returned with personalised advice on how to improve sperm health.

Watch this video to learn:

  • key factors causing male (in)fertility
  • how to improve sperm health and
  • the process behind sperm testing.

Grab 20% off all Legacy products including supplements and sperm analysis kits if you live in the US.  Use code FHH20 at checkout.

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