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Psychological Coping Strategies for Infertility and Fertility Treatment

21 Apr 2022

Are you struggling with the psychological effects of infertility?

Knowing how to talk with friends and family about fertility difficulties can be a hurdle for many people trying to conceive. Fertility counselling can help, but what to ask a fertility counsellor? If you’re using donor eggs or sperm for fertility treatment, how do you become emotionally attached to your donor-conceived child?

Watch this video in which Eloise (FHH Founder) speaks with Lizanne Van Waart (Director of Wijnland Fertility Clinic) to learn cognitive coping strategies for fertility treatment, including using donor eggs and sperm.

Wijnland Fertility is a leading fertility clinic and sperm bank based in South Africa – visit their profile here and the website here. At every step of your fertility treatment, the team at Wijnland ensure you feel supported and well-informed.

Learn about:

  • Getting psychological closure during fertility treatment using donor gametes
  • Concerns around bonding with donor-conceived children and how to bond with a donor-conceived child
  • What to expect in fertility counselling and important questions to ask your fertility counsellor
  • Solving relationship issues during fertility treatment
  • Protecting yourself and your mental wellbeing when having IVF and fertility treatment

Click here to book an initial fertility consultation with Wijnland Fertility.

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