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From sex frequency to pill worries – the questions you’re asking, while TTC

FEATURING Dr Samantha Pfeifer  |   29 Sep 2022

The Big Fertility Questions Answered

Dr Samantha Pfeifer, fertility specialist at Weill Cornell in NYC, was kind enough to offer up her time and expertise in this fascinating and revealing Q&A session.

We chatted with Dr Pfeifer to uncover unasked “embarrassing” fertility questions, and have them answered once and for all!

Should I have sex every day to get pregnant?

Check out the video for the expert perspective, plus answers to:

  • Is there a “safe” number of years to be on the pill?
  • Can I get pregnant on my period?
  • Does a regular period mean my fertility is fine?
  • Is endometriosis curable?
  • Can you recover from PCOS?

We also talk about men and how to improve sperm quality. And covering sex and fertility:

  • Does the time of day you have sex change getting pregnant?
  • Should I worry whether sperm “falls out” when you stand up or go to the bathroom after sex?
  • Within five minutes after ejaculation, you’re pregnant?
  • The better the sex, the better the chances of conception?

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