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Expert Q&A – sperm and egg donation in the UK

10 Jan 2023

Sperm & egg donation in the UK – how does it work?

There’s lots of information – and some misinformation – about sperm and egg donation in the UK. Sorting fact from fiction is part of our daily mission, so we caught up with TFP Fertility UK, for expert guidance.

TFP Fertility UK offers both intended parents and donors the UK-specific support they need. We asked Kat Brown, donor programme lead at TFP Fertility UK, your most pressing FAQs about sperm and egg donation, covering everything from the legals to selecting your donor.

Kat covers:

  • Can I use a UK clinic, or do most people go abroad?
  • How are UK donation laws different from the rest of Europe?
  • How do you become a sperm donor in the UK? How rigorous is the screening process?
  • How much does egg/sperm donation cost?
  • What is the 10 family limit?
  • How do I choose a sperm donor?
  • Can I work with a private ‘known’ donor?

If you’re considering sperm or egg donation in the UK, read the 101 guide on getting started.

Ready to hit go with sperm or egg donation? Connect with TFP Fertility UK for first steps and tailored support.

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