Supporting your gestational carrier during treatment and pregnancy

FEATURING Be Parent  |   7 Feb 2023

The whole 9 months – how to support your GC across their pregnancy

Supporting your gestational carrier through pregnancy is a uniquely challenging experience. It’s a sensitive time for all involved, so understanding the best ways to support her is essential. 

We spoke with Stephanie Martin & Claire Mooney from top LGBTQ+ surrogacy agency Be Parent about key milestones, boundaries, and expectations for birth and recovery with your gestational carrier.

Our talking points include:

  • Key milestones to put in the diary, for both intended parents and gestational carriers
  • Organisation & preparation tips for GCs
  • How to respect your GC’s boundaries
  • How can intended parents (IPs) help smoothen the process and pregnancy?
  • Don’t forget the fourth trimester – how can IPs support GCs following birth?

Start your LGBT surrogacy journey with Be Parent, and experience their amazing care from the get-go. Every initial consultation is completely free.

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