From doulas to paperwork – surrogacy best practice live Q&A

29 Sep 2022

What the top agencies are doing right, for surrogacy best practice

Surrogacy holds a controversial corner, within the family-building space. From taboo to treatment, human rights to legal clarity, agencies like Be Parent are proving that best practice involves more than just paperwork.

Watch as Be Parent surrogate doula Claire and Branch Manager Stephanie from @beparent_surrogacy share wisdom and insight about holistic support for intended parents (IPs) and surrogates. From matching to birth plans, they cover it all.

Our chat covers:

  • surrogacy best practice
  • the role of a surrogacy doula
  • why the demand for surrogacy is increasing
  • the IP-surrogate relationship
  • how matching works, and the legal process
  • services, events and initiatives to support surrogates and IPs

Tap here to speak to the Be Parent team today.

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