Egg Donation & Surrogacy – Meet the Founders of Extraordinary Conceptions and The Surrogacy Law Center – Making the Impossible Possible

31 Jul 2020


We were delighted to interview the founders of Extraordinary Conceptions Agency, Mario and Stephanie Caballero, from California, USA. Stephanie is also the founder of The Surrogacy Law Center (SLC), who work hand in hand with Extraordinary Conceptions.

Egg Donation & Surrogacy with Extraordinary Conceptions Agency and The Surrogacy Law Center – Making The Impossible Possible | | @extraordinaryconceptions

In our discussion, you will find out all about their personal story and route to parenthood, thanks to the help of gestational surrogacy. Read why they then went on to found both companies as a consequence.

We talk openly and honestly about common questions, myths and apprehensions people across the world often have surrounding egg donation / surrogacy and the process. Surrogacy and egg donation can help solo parents, same-sex couples (LGBT community), as well as heterosexual couples fulfil their family dreams. If you’re an intended parent and want to find out more / register for free, you can do so here.

Egg Donation

  • The process for both egg donors and IPs (Intended Parents)

  • The stringent requirements to become an egg donor – the vast vetting / screening that happens to increase success

  • Egg donation compensation and reimbursement, dependent on location

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Becoming an Egg Donor


  • What is gestational surrogacy vs traditional surrogacy? We discuss the meaning and definition

  • Fact or fiction? Mario and Stephanie explain all about surrogacy in the movies vs reality

  • Surrogacy Process – we hear about the matching process for Intended Parents and how an agency like Extraordinary Conceptions can be a great help

  • Are there any cons or reasons why anyone wouldn’t work with a surrogate, if they need the help?

  • With Stephanie’s background in law, we discuss the surrogacy state laws in the USA, what the legal process looks like and why people need a lawyer for their protection

Surrogacy Costs

  • Hear how and why surrogacy costs can differ, from a legal and surrogacy process standpoint

  • Extraordinary Conceptions have brought out a new Hybrid program to make surrogacy more affordable for intended parents worldwide. A must-listen-to, to hear how this can greatly reduce the costs.

How Can Extraordinary Conceptions and SLC Help You?

  • As well as being delightfully friendly and experienced, EC and SLC work extremely hard to make dreams a reality. Their personal touch and care is second to none. Hear their takeaway message for anyone going through fertility treatment, looking for a fertility clinic / agency to get the surrogacy / egg donation process started and for help with the legalities that come with it.

  • They also have country representatives accessible around the world, to help take care of the process.

  • If you’d like to find out more and register with Extraordinary Conceptions for free, click here.

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