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Talking To Donor Conceived Children

2 Jun 2021

Talking to Donor Conceived Children

On Thursday, we had an open and honest personal chat with Egg Donation Fertility Blogger and Co-Founder at Fertility Matters at Work, Becky Kearns (@definingmum). With Becky having three daughters via egg donation and me (Eloise, Founder of FHH) having had three children via donor sperm, we talked all about our personal experiences and choices. Then, importantly, we discussed how we are talking to our children about the ways our families have been created.

It was interesting for those thinking about or starting the donor process to hear from those who are now four years on, living it first-hand. It was a popular session with lots of questions – there is clearly a need for a bigger narrative around donor conception. Watch this space!

Our lengthy, honest talk included: how we picked our donors; the process; how we are both talking to them; how often we broach the subject and the emotions (sometimes of inequality) you may encounter as a couple. We also touched on family members’ narrative, available books which can help and discussing with teachers and people outside the family.

Read all about Becky’s journey here.

Listen to Eloise’s story here.


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