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Using an open ID donor egg bank – 4 things to know

FEATURING Procriar Fertility Clinic  |   17 Nov 2023

How using an open ID donor egg bank can support your family building journey

Watch our expert webinar for a deep dive into open ID egg donation and what it actually means, to why you might want to choose an open ID donor and unlocking the whole open ID donor egg bank process with Vladimiro Silva, Embryologist, CEO, Founder & IVF Lab Director at Procriar Fertility Clinic.

In Portugal, the open-ID framework is standard by law, meaning that access to detailed donor profiles is commonplace. Read our deep dive for more on why Portugal has one of the most permissive ART (assisted reproductive technology) legislations in Europe.

Ready to learn about using an open ID donor egg bank? Let’s get empowered, and deep dive into the benefits.

We’ll cover:

  • What is open ID donation and what does it involve?
  • The benefits of choosing an open ID egg donor
  • What could the process look like with the egg bank?
  • Why choosing open ID egg donation might be right for you
  • And more

Whenever you’re ready, the team at Procriar are here to support you with getting the process started.

Book an initial consultation to chat through your options, find tailored treatments with no wait time, and connect with their donor network today.

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