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What causes miscarriage? A doctor explains

6 Jul 2022

We all know the stats. Miscarriages are common, and occur in one in four pregnancies. But why do they happen, and what tests can we have, to dig a little deeper into our own risks and history? 

Separate myths from facts with our Insta Live Q&A, speaking to Dr Venkat, Medical Director at Harley Street Fertility Clinic (HSFC). TRB founder Eloise covers your key miscarriage concerns and questions – join the TRB tribe now for future live chats – including: 

  • what triggers miscarriage?
  • what blood tests can I have for miscarriage, and what will they show?
  • is increased miscarriage risk hereditary?
  • what investigations can I have to determine the cause of miscarriage?
  • will my miscarriage affect future fertility? 

Ready for next steps? Speak to the amazing team at HSFC – whether it’s repeat miscarriage or test result queries, they’re dedicated to providing expert support.  

All caught up? Head over to Insta for upcoming Q&As.

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