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What we learned – and built – from 12 rounds of IVF

17 Oct 2022

12 cycles to a BFP

One is a lot. Twelve is almost impossible to imagine, unless you’ve been through it yourself. But this is Leeaf app founder Ján’s story – and the one he shares with his wife – which brought them their son, Oliver, in 2016. All of this, across 21 months.

Today, FHH founder and CEO Eloise picks up with Ján to cover the timeline of his family’s fertility story, and how those 12 rounds of IVF played out, plus how the amazing Leeaf app was born out of their experiences. And – most importantly – the learnings they took and limitations encountered. Hear all about: 

  • the couple’s journey to parenthood
  • the impact of 12 rounds of IVF on relationships, emotional resilience and more
  • secondary infertility
  • the seed of an idea which started Leeaf 
  • how the Leeaf mobile app is now allowing thousands of patients to store, access and easily share all fertility and ART-related data – anywhere, any time 

Want data-driven IVF support in your back pocket? Download the Leeaf app and transform your journey. 

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