Why your immune system might be affecting your fertility – an expert answers

FEATURING Vida Fertiltiy  |   21 Sep 2023

Your immune system and fertility – what’s the link?

We’re joined by Dr. Hector Izquierdo, the Medical Director of Vida Fertility Institute Alicante.

He shares his expertise on how and why your immune system and fertility might be connected and how one might be affecting the other, uncovering what you might want to test and how this can impact factors like implantation and recurrent miscarriage.

He gives us detailed and expert answers to the following questions:

  • What exactly is immunology? And how does it connect to your fertility?
  • How do immunological problems affect a woman’s fertility? And is there anything men should be aware of, too?
  • Wondering about the prevalence of immunological infertility? Let’s explore how common it really is.
  • As a patient, when should you start delving into immunology? And typically, is it after facing recurring miscarriages or failed cycles?
  • What kind of immunology tests do you run at Vida Fertility Institute?
  • If you’ve been tested for immunological problems before, do you need to go through the process again for future treatments?
  • What treatment is available at Vida Fertility Institute?

For over a decade, reproductive health experts from Vida Fertility have been bringing patients the best science-backed fertility treatments in the world – and their team is made up of highly specialized professionals from all areas of the fertility sphere, including immunology.

Book in with them for a tailored consultation, or simply to have a chat with one of their friendly team today.

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