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Things I wish I knew before IVF – from self-appreciation to self-gifting (these products are so beautiful)

Jessie Day, in partnership with MyVitro  |   8 Dec 2022

Of all the IVF tips, being kind to yourself is everything

Gift yourself love, during the holidays. It’s one of the pivotal things I wish I knew before IVF came and shook my world, from top to bottom.

Maybe because it sounds so simple, I rarely take it as seriously as I should, or urge our community to do the same. I pride myself on having the perfect IVF gift basket down to a fine art. But as I tie the ribbon, I should probably add a note about the importance of self love, during this process. 

Preparing for IVF? Or supporting someone who is? Keep reading for our top IVF tips and self care practice. Once you’re done, head to MyVitro and choose from their range of beautifully designed IVF survival kit ideas, IVF organizer options, caddies and medication travel bags. It’s the perfect way to put together an IVF kit at home, for you or someone else. 

Leaning into self-love, during IVF

The thing about TTC, is you have no idea how strong you are. Until you’ve been there. Whether you’re in an IVF cycle, self-injecting blood thinner meds, in for an internal exam or healing from a loss, one thing is absolutely certain. Your body is doing an incredible job. And your mental resilience? Off the chart. Even if you don’t feel it – trust us, you are so strong.

People – well-meaning people – will tell you this, over and over. That you’re so strong (you are) and that they love you (they do). But self love starts with us. We have to learn to love our whole selves for the work we’re doing, and the journey we’re on. So how can we do this? Practical, tangible steps can make a huge difference, when you’re TTC, having IVF or undergoing another treatment.

Here are three top actions for finding self-love during a fertility journey, in collaboration with MyVitro, creators of best-selling, beautifully-designed IVF support kits, organizers and fertility treatment accessories. We’ve ordered their Deluxe IVF Support Kit for a couple of fertility warrior friends this festive season, plus TTC Bandages to make sure they always have a pineapple bandaid nearby. They’re one of our top self-care IVF tips for anyone prepping for a cycle.

Whatever stage you’re at in your treatment, MyVitro products have you supported, kitted-out and ready to rock your next shot, or meds delivery.

Step 1 – take control of your health, meds & treatments

Fertility treatment – whether it’s putting your questions to a specialist or prepping for an IVF cycle at home – can be incredibly overwhelming. We’ve been there, with meds stored in boxes under the bed, syringes rolling around in our overnight bag, trying to warm up our shot sites with whatever’s to hand – you know the drill. 

The problem is, a sense of ‘making do’, chaos and uncertainty can have a real impact on our mental health. Having our fertility meds and equipment organized, safely stored and packed up with maybe a bundle of hot and cold packs (these from MyVitro are fantastic) for shots relief, can provide a real sense of empowerment.

my vitro top IVF tips

Self love action – give yourself a break, and take a minute for yourself and get organized with the MyVitro Essential IVF Support Kit, or add the Deluxe version to your wishlist this holiday season. 

Step 2 – reframe ‘infertility’

Not so long ago, the TRB team reviewed the way we speak to our community. It’s a work in progress, but we’re slowly rooting out the word ‘infertility’ from some of our writing.

Infertility is an instantly negative concept. It carries stigma for far too many, and it can be a heavy label to wear, when approaching treatment, speaking to a clinic, or just going about daily life. 

Instead, we’re talking about our ‘infertility’ as a fertility journey. Or TTC. Or, even, a fertility struggle. Because the journey to parenthood is a moving, changing, living aspect of our identity. By talking about our ‘fertility’, we’re discussing the options for next steps.

Self love action – say ‘fertility’ more, and ‘infertility’ less. You’ll be amazed by the change in energy of your conversations, and research.


Step 3 – Reconnect with your body

We all have a unique relationship with our body, whatever angle we’re coming from. But for those of us administering meds, dealing with painful OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) symptoms, or coming away from an internal ultrasound, it can be easy to all-but disconnect from our body, and what it was before our fertility journey. 

From shot site bruises to the bloating and tenderness, treatment can be really hard on your muscles, tissues, hormones and so much more. What do you need, right now? Is it a warm bath? A hug? Call that friend. They’ll be so happy to help. Maybe you need to run. Curl up. Stretch it out with a Yin yoga practice. Some of us get tattoos, to remember. Some of us book a break in the sun, to forget. 

Whatever it is, do it, and know that your body is absolutely rocking it. We are in awe of you, and what you’re doing. 

Self love action – find a mirror. Pause, step back and really look at your body. What do you need? Make it happen, or tap into your support network. 

We are strong

One of the saddest ironies of a fertility struggle is that we so often feel let down by our bodies – like we’re failing – just as we’re working at our hardest. Commenting on her own experiences, MyVitro Co-Founder Danielle Hall says, 

I am mad at myself for thinking my body was failing. Fertility is complex. My body experienced multiple miscarriages, but it also went on to carry and deliver a baby. Going through IVF was a physical and mental struggle, but I came out with a resiliency I didn’t have before. We are strong. Sometimes we just need help.

The more times I share our story, the more stories are shared with me, and the stronger and more connected I feel. We are not alone in this struggle.” 

We couldn’t agree more. And for every one of the TRB community struggling to find self-love this season, we’ve got you. Connect with us today to share, vent or get help reframing. 

Put you, your body and your journey first with 10% off your entire first MyVitro order this winter. From IVF support kits to organizers and accessories, every beautiful product is designed by and for people going on a fertility journey. 

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