What are the Best Sex Positions for Trying to Get Pregnant?

Holly Pigache  |   1 Jun 2022

The best position to get pregnant – is it a thing?

There’s nothing like ovulation predictor kits, fertility trackers and the stress of TTC to stop sex from being sexy. Plus, all of the Googling. Is there really a best sex positions TTC guide in all that scrolling which has the answers?

Whether you’ve been struggling to conceive for a while, have suffered child loss or experienced unsuccessful fertility treatment, finding the desire to a) have sex and b) try to enjoy it is no mean feat.

Neither is it uncommon.  Our community (download the free, supportive app here) frequently ask how to make sex fun when trying to get pregnant and – let’s cut to it – the best positions to get pregnant. Is on top better? What about doggy style? Or is missionary the safest way to go?

Read on to find out if there really are better sex positions to conceive.

Words by Holly Pigache


Anyone who’s actively been trying to get pregnant knows that focusing on successful conception during sex can really be a libido-killer and many in the TTC community say sex can become a “chore”.  No matter your gender, the desire to conceive can be all-encompassing and so it’s no surprise FHH is regularly asked how to make sex fun when TTC.  (Previously, Somatic Sex Coach, Stella Anna Sonnenbaum gave her expert advice on making sex fun when trying to get pregnant – read the article here).

But what if you’ve nailed (a-hem) enjoying sex and want to find out the best position to get pregnant?  What if you’re not so keen on sex and want optimum baby-making results from a quick shag?  Either way, you’re curious: Do different sex positions make conception more likely?  If so, what are they?!

Tell me the best position to get pregnant, please!

The internet is awash with advice on the best sex positions to get pregnant.  Some sites suggest deep penetration, close to the cervix.  Others suggest the woman hold her legs and hips up after ejaculation.  Deep penetration can be fun, it’s also nice to have an excuse to lay around after sex but what’s the medical advice?

In terms of chances of conception, there’s little evidence that certain sex positions boost the likelihood of pregnancy.

However, that’s not to say we shouldn’t have fun trying different sex positions, finding what feels good and discovering new realms of pleasure in the process.

(If you’re curious whether different sex positions determine the gender of your child, there’s no evidence that doggy-style, say, leads to conceiving a boy and reverse cowgirl increases the chances of conceiving a girl but do explore different positions – it’s fun.)

Watch this video to have more of your fertility questions answered.


Sex positions that make getting pregnant fun

  • Good old-fashioned missionary: Look lovingly into each other’s eyes, no need to reshuffle after male ejaculation, prop your bum up with a cushion or hook your legs over your partner’s shoulders for deeper penetration.
  • Woman on top: When a woman’s on top, she has more control of the depth (and speed) of penetration.  Face your partner (cowgirl) or face away (reverse cowgirl) so you can both explore different sensations. The chances of getting pregnant with the woman on top don’t really vary from a position like missionary, but if it’s your fave – go for it!
  • Doggy-style: This requires a little more exertion from the male partner.  Some people don’t like the lack of eye contact that comes with this position but it’s a good one for both of you to control the rhythm and depth (unless you’re totally out-of-sync, in which case this position can have you collapsing in giggles on the bed).
  • Wheelbarrow: The wheelbarrow position demands the female partner has some strength.  The woman holds herself up with her hands, her partner stands behind her, lifts her legs, wraps them around his thighs or waist and enters her.  This, too, allows for deeper penetration that is close to the cervix.
  • Side-by-side: A wonderful position for early-morning sex.  Both partners lie on their sides, facing each other and it can be a good position to feel connected (just be warned about morning breath).
  • Spooning: For when morning breath is an issue.  The male partner lies behind in a spoon-shaped cuddle.  This is a good position for clitoral stimulation (and whilst female orgasms aren’t essential for conception, they’re fun.)

So what will help me to conceive naturally?

  • Make sure you’re using fertility-friendly lube.  Baby Dance’s fertility-friendly lubricant is perfectly balanced with the pH level of fertile cervical mucus and sperm (learn more).
  • If you’ve been TTC for a while with no luck, you could try conception aids.  Check out our discounted conception aids.
  • You may decide to have fertility specialist investigations.  Take our quiz to be matched with an expert.

One in eight couples struggle to get pregnant but there are things you can do to help maximise your chances of conception.  Using a sperm-friendly lube, assisted-conception contraptions and investigating any underlying fertility problems are productive ways to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Whilst specific sex positions won’t necessarily enhance chances of conception, having fun and feeling relaxed when TTC puts your body in a better state to get pregnant faster.

So go have sex all over the flat; have sex on the stairs, on the kitchen counter (please clean it after), against the door… There are so many ways you can explore each other’s bodies and what feels good even if you are trying to conceive.

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