Exercise Whilst Trying to Conceive – 5 Fitness Trainers who Help the Body, Mind and Soul

Eloise Edington  |   31 Jul 2020



When thinking about trying to conceive, there is endless information on fertility blogs that discuss best exercise for fertility, but engaging in exercise classes, fertility yoga and online workout tutorials can be daunting. This is not helped when you get started and the trainer leading the video constantly talks negatively about their body. Like you should be punishing it, when that’s the complete opposite of your goal! Therefore, we’ve rounded up some online fitness professionals whose training is positive for the body, mind and soul. Enjoy.

General Fitness

Diverse Personal Training

Based in Australia, Natasha strives to create workout programmes which challenge societal norms around ‘fitspo’, whilst celebrating all fitness levels and body types. She recently made a return to her YouTube Channel where there is already a back catalogue of workout videos that cover all different types of fitness routines. Her Insta is full of inspiring quotes and great photos of her living her best life. She’s becoming increasingly popular and we’d recommend checking out Natasha. Whether you want high or low intensity she’s got something for you!


Joe Wicks

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t he the one that did P.E. for kids when lockdown first started? He is! And he donated £500,000 to the NHS whilst doing it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he also makes workout videos online for adults too. He brings humour to his routines and wants to make content for people ‘no matter what their fitness levels.’ The only thing to note is that he posts transformation pictures on his Instagram, which may not always be that helpful to see when you’re wanting to keep a positive mindset around your own fitness.

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Curves with Moves

With the tagline on her website ‘dance, wellness and love’, Jessie strives to make dance accessible to all. Based in New York, she is currently hosting classes on Zoom and also has a YouTube channel. Her Instagram feed is full of joy and includes content such as a dance workout in a chair. If anything, her online presence is dripping in positive affirmation and, even if you don’t join in, just watching her dance will lift your mood!


Well + Good

Well + Good are a slight anomaly in this group as they’re not just a fitness trainer but a bigger wellness organisation. Their website covers skincare, fitness, nutrition and even relationship advice, and they describe themselves as ‘decoding and demystifying what it means to live a well life, inside and out.’ Specifically for this list however, they have a whole series of videos from all different fitness disciplines on their YouTube channel and cover on their website how to have a healthy relationship with exercise. For example, this article on how to know when your exercise tracking is unhealthy.

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Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn is often a go-to recommendation when someone wants to know of a body positive yoga practitioner. She teaches classes, including some with her app Underbelly, and has a few workouts on YouTube channels of other organisations, such as this 30 minute beginner sequence here. Alongside her yoga, she is a keen advocate of body positivity and uses her voice to talk about lots of social justice issues. In terms of why your weight (or anything else!) should never stop you from practising yoga, she’s written a whole book called ‘Every Body Yoga’ that you can find out more about here.

Yoga with Olive

Olive is one of the smallest creators that we’re sharing today but she’s truly a hidden gem. Based in Brighton, she has practised yoga since 2014 and is very passionate about incorporating all parts of the practice, which she views as essential emotional, spiritual and mental tools. She teaches classes via Zoom at the moment and normally teaches regularly in the local area. She’s also recently uploaded a number of videos to YouTube that cover yoga and functional movement flows. Positive and humble, she’s one to look into, especially for strong and well-rounded yoga practice. Fertility yoga is a great thing to practise when trying to conceive.


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