Is Your Lubricant Harming Sperm?

Eloise Edington  |   7 Dec 2021

When you’re TTC, surely any lube will do?

I’m afraid not; not all lubricants are created equal and you may not realise the importance of using fertility-friendly lubricants.  Designed with your body’s natural lubrication in mind, Fairhaven Health’s BabyDance Fertility Lubricant supports optimal vaginal health and the environment ideal for fertilisation. 

Fairhaven Health (see their profile here) have your fertility journey at the forefront of their minds.  You can view their website here.

Read on to find out why lubricants designed for fertility will increase your chances of natural conception.

Words by Holly Pigache

pH Neutral

Fertile cervical mucus has a pH balance of 7, so does semen and (you guessed it) so does BabyDance Fertility Lubricant.  Standard lubricants you can buy off-the-shelf have a pH of between 3.0 and 6.5 and (rather surprisingly) a high salt concentration.  Salt and sub-optimal pH levels are harmful to sperm and will make it harder to conceive – so incorporating standard lube into your baby dancing will actually be less effective than ditching the lubricant altogether.  

Throughout most of your cycle, your vaginal pH is around 4 and 5 but during your fertile window, your pH rises to become a more friendly environment for sperm.  So whilst regular lubricants are fine for when you’re not TTC, they won’t be conducive to fertilisation.

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Ideal Consistency

Some lubricants also feel sticky, watery or slimy which can understandably be off-putting for some people.  Fortunately, BabyDance fertility lubricant mimics the consistency of cervical mucus, creating a natural feeling (making TTC feel more enjoyable).  The matched consistency also helps sperm travel through the cervix to find an egg for conception.

Rigorous Testing

Unlike regular lubricants, lubricants designed for fertility undergo rigorous testing during development to make sure they’re safe for eggs, sperm and embryos.  BabyDance’s lube contains no harmful ingredients (like parabens) and has been verified to be fertility-friendly for safe use for conception. 

During your family-building efforts, you may have decided to avoid parabens as much as possible, so don’t thwart your progress by covering your genitals in chemicals you’ve endeavoured to avoid.  

For your peace of mind, each and every batch of BabyDance fertility lubricant is checked to ensure it won’t damage sperm or egg function.

Exclusive for our US readers: 15% off Fairhaven Health’s entire website when you use the code FHH15 at checkout.  (N.B excludes the OvaCue Wireless Fertility Monitor.)

BabyDance’s Sperm-friendly Formulation:

  • Is made without parabens
  • Is pH neutral (pH 7) and non-irritating 
  • Is isotonic (has the same solution concentration as a cell or bodily fluid)
  • Won’t affect human sperm motility, survival or DNA quality
  • Is the correct viscosity to allow sperm to swim into and through the lubricant and cervical mucus
  • Won’t negatively impact the sperm’s ability to fertilise an egg
  • Won’t interfere with embryo development
  • Is safe to use with IVF and other fertility interventions
  • Is screened for endotoxins (toxins that harm sperm and egg function even at low levels)
  • Is compatible with condoms (but these aren’t compatible with fertilisation)

Know Your Labels

“Non-spermicidal” sounds promising, doesn’t it?  Whilst lubricants that claim to be non-spermicidal are certainly gentler than spermicidal lubricants (but of course, it’s unlikely a lubricant will actually be labelled as spermicidal), they aren’t necessarily fertility-friendly.  It’s important to use lubricants that are explicitly verified to be fertility-friendly.

“Natural” and “organic” also sound like good lubricants to use, right?  These lubricants haven’t been certified as fertility lubricants so you can’t be sure this is sperm-friendly lube.

Coconut oil, olive oil and any oil you find in the cupboard are also best avoided.  Household oils tend to contain toxic peroxides and inflammatory chemicals that only become more dangerous over time.  Keep the kitchen oils in the kitchen and away from your sperm and eggs.

How to Use BabyDance Fertility Lubricant

BabyDance Fertility Lubricant comes in two forms: with applicators and without.  

The single-use applicators allow for internal application:

  1. Twist an applicator onto the tube
  2. Squeeze your desired amount of lube
  3. Insert the applicator into the vagina immediately before intercourse so the lubricant has close proximity to the cervix

Without applicators (designed primarily for external application):

  1. Open
  2. By hand, apply as much as you wish to yourself and your partner
  3. BabyDance

Whichever form of BabyDance Fertility Lubricant you choose, know it will moisturise and lubricate to enhance ease and comfort during sexual activity. 

By supplementing your body’s natural lubrication and supporting optimal vaginal health, you’re creating the ideal environment for fertilisation and having fun in the process!

If you’re looking for a sperm-friendly lubricant for fertility, BabyDance Fertility Lubricant is the one for you.  Our readers based in the US can get 15% off BabyDance products when using the code TRB15 at checkout through Fairhaven Health’s website.

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