Fertility Supplements to Support IVF Treatment

Eloise Edington  |   15 Oct 2021


Like many, you probably imagined your conception to be a beautifully natural process resulting in excitement and celebrations. And so, if your TTC (trying to conceive) journey has led you to IVF treatment, you will undoubtedly have concerns and questions about how to give your IVF cycle the best chance of success. Following the advice of your fertility specialist, you are likely to be prioritising your physical health with a keen focus on diet and exercise. But, have you thought about fertility supplements and their benefits for you and your partner during pre-conception?

We often hear about the importance of taking vitamin supplements during pregnancy, but what about when you’re trying to conceive? Beli Vitamins – a beloved specialist in pre-natal and post-natal supplements backed by science, explain why nutrition plays a big role when you’re trying to conceive.

Words by Beth Tupper

Can Pre-Natal Vitamins Boost your TTC Success?

IVF treatment and infertility come with a lot of uncertainties but the one thing you can control during your TTC journey is your health. According to Beli Vitamins, nourishing your body, and your partner’s body, with the right vitamins and doses whilst TTC gives your body the best possible fuel for fertility.

You may be wondering why your body needs pre-natal supplements as opposed to standard multi-vitamin supplements. Well, many standard supplements focus on supplying a high dose of iron and calcium which whilst important, neglect the other vital vitamins needed for a healthy conception. Beli Vitamins’ science suggests that parents with adequate nutrient levels during the six months before conception are more likely to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deliver a healthy child. And as you’re probably aware, infertility treatments such as IVF are physically demanding and quite frankly exhausting; not to mention emotionally and mentally too. Your body will need extra support whilst you’re TTC and as the science behind Beli Vitamins expresses, pre-natal supplements supply that helping hand.

Benefits of Beli Vitamins for Pre-Conception

What makes Beli Vitamins unique? They understand the importance of nutritional health and the benefits of pre-natal vitamins for men too, not just women. Beli Vitamin’s research shows that the overall health of both biological parents during pre-conception, defined as three to six months prior to conceiving, matters, a lot. After all, it takes two to tango and you will play equal parts in creating your little bundle of joy.

Aside from being backed by science and many happy customers, of course, the custom formulations of His and Hers Beli Vitamins have plenty of positives. Designed to be easy to slot into your everyday regime, Beli Vitamins are non-GMO, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten and allergen free, and gentle on the stomach.

Beli Vitamins for Women

  • Help to improve egg quality

  • Promote hormone balance

  • Protect healthy egg maturation

  • Vitamin B6 and B12 (triggers ovulation)

  • Vitamin Zinc (boosts reproductive hormones), vitamin K
    2 (supports estrogen and progesterone production)

  • Vitamin C (reduces risk of miscarriage), vitamin D (supports embryo implantation), vitamin E (protects reproductive function and egg quality)

Beli Vitamins for Men

  • Increase sperm quality and quantity

  • Protect sperm growth

  • Promote better egg penetration

  • Help sperm swim faster

  • Balance bodily acid-alkaline to help sperm survive


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Beli Vitamins’ Advice for IVF Success

When parenthood calls you and your paternal instincts start flickering, it’s a magical moment. Whilst IVF can turn any fertility warrior into a chronic worrier, it can also spark those initial feelings of hope. Don’t fear, Beli Vitamins may have your fertility supplements covered but they also have some words of wisdom to support your IVF journey beyond your nutrient levels. According to Beli, your chances of conception, a peaceful pregnancy and a healthy baby start with following these four steps:

  1. Alleviate your stress and decompress – don’t be tempted to over-extend yourself or give in to panic-inducing search sessions on the internet. Particularly during the 2WW (two-week wait), it can be easy to overanalyse and let the stress take over. Try to find balance in your life and focus your attention on the self-care of you and your partner.

  2. You are what you eat – aim to support your fertility supplements with a colourful, whole-food diet. Limiting processed foods and making more space in your diet for vegetables, fruit, whole grains and high-quality protein will help towards having happier and healthier eggs and swimmers.

  3. Lace up your trainers and move those feet – whether regular yoga, countryside walks or something more strenuous tickles your taste buds, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle. A few cardio sessions a week can help to improve men’s sperm quality and women’s hormonal balance, and you can enjoy the added bonus of quality time together.

  4. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals – though our bodies have an amazing ability to heal, it is time to get picky about your cleaning products and beauty products. Toxic chemicals can affect your reproductive health so if you can’t avoid them, wear productive gear such as rubber gloves at home or at work.

Benefits of Beli Vitamins During Pregnancy

Beli Vitamins’ support goes beyond fertility treatment and conception; they can improve your nutritional health and baby’s development during each trimester of pregnancy too. With the smorgasbord of pregnancy supplements available, it can be hard to know which ones will give you the recommended vitamins and doses. Beli rely on Methylated Folate (not Folic Acid), a highly studied fertility nutrient proven to help your body absorb the vitamins and nourish your baby.

Beli Vitamins also contain optimal levels of a pregnancy vitamin found to be on everybody’s lips now – Choline. Choline promotes healthy gene expression, supports baby growth and brain development and most importantly, protects your baby from neural tube defects and reduces the risk of miscarriage. Over 92% of pregnant women don’t get the recommended amount of Choline, something Beli Vitamins has covered.

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Consult Your Doctor / Fertility Specialist First

It is possible to have too much of a good thing and taking too much of any vitamin or mineral can be bad for you (though some are far more difficult to overdose on than others) and you should always consult your health provider and read the label before taking supplements. If you experience any unusual symptoms when taking fertility supplements, stop taking them and consult your pharmacist.

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