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How Can Holistic Therapies Benefit Fertility and IVF?

Eloise Edington  |   8 Sep 2021

If you are an avid reader of our Fertility Help Hub’s articles, you will by now have heard of holistic therapy treatments for infertility. There can be so many holistic therapies to choose from, that we have reached out to Clinica Tambre, a fertility clinic based in Spain, to explain about some of the most popular holistic treatments and how they can work to benefit fertility.

Words by Clinica Tambre

The Best Holistic Treatments For Infertility 

Over time, assisted reproduction has become a multidisciplinary field. This directly leads to the benefits of other medical and holistic specialisms to support and complete fertility treatments.

Their acceptance is not the same throughout Europe, as there is a certain mistrust and suspicion due to the lack of knowledge about them. However, it has been demonstrated by numerous professionals that these types of therapies are very beneficial for the people who opt for them. Clinica Tambre explains that in most cases, requests for this type of therapy come mainly from international patients.

Not all assisted reproduction centres in Spain offer these techniques, but here are some of the best known holistic therapies (and the most highly valued for their results), all of which are carried out by Tambre and its collaborators: fertility acupuncture, fertility massage, osteopathy, fertility reflexology, psychology and nutrition.

It has been demonstrated by numerous professionals that these types of therapies are very beneficial for the people who opt for them. All these techniques are carried out by Tambre and their network.

Why Emotional Well-being Is Crucial For IVF

During the assisted reproduction process, patients sometimes experience high levels of frustration, insecurity, fear, etc. All these emotions can influence the proper functioning of the body, impairing its way of coping with fertility treatment. This is why approved alternative therapies are so valuable, as they can help to eliminate the negative stress accumulated in the body and mind, alleviating the tensions caused by this stress.  If something can be beneficial for the patient, Clinica Tambre does not hesitate to incorporate it to complement fertility treatment, since emotional wellbeing is crucial for dealing with all stages of an Artificial Insemination or In Vitro Fertilisation cycle. Tambre’s professionals advocate a holistic approach to their treatments, but always wish to make it clear that the clinic’s success rates are not influenced by these techniques, either positively or negatively.

Let’s get to know them one by one!

Acupuncture For Fertility 

As we all know, acupuncture for fertility is the art of balancing our body by inserting needles into various points described in the body.

This technique can not only help to control the patient’s anxiety and stress, but can also regulate hormonal cycles. According to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it can act on the follicular phase, ovulation or the luteal phase, optimising the patient’s condition. Fertility acupuncture can also be extremely beneficial for men. The professional who carries out this therapy at Tambre is Maria Luz Ordaz, who has a wide experience in her field. Her sessions are carried out at the fertility clinic.

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After a thorough diagnostic examination, this therapy allows the physical blockages behind most of the dysfunctions suffered by the patient to be eliminated. The obvious relationship of this discipline with fertility is the aim of relaxing the tissues, thus improving the execution of the different stages of the process. The professional who works with Tambre to practise osteopathy is Nacho Ordaz. 

Fertility Massage 

Fertility massage helps the muscles, fascia and organs to release tension and relax. This causes them to function in optimal conditions, thus helping any fertility process to be more successful. Raúl García, therapeutic chiromassage therapist at Clinica Tambre, says: “It is also important to promote good joint mobility and stretch the muscles so that the fibres are flexible and elastic. In this way, the muscles will be less prone to injury despite any blockages that may occur”. Raúl will meet you in Tambre in person if you would like to sign up for a fertility massage session.


Reflexology is a type of complementary therapy that works with energy flowing throughout the body, called “meridians”. These “energy flows” are blocked and the affected part of the body is blocked as well.  It may seem strange, but working on the feet can have a beneficial effect on the rest of the body. Through fertility reflexology, very precise areas called reflection points (in the feet, hands or ears) are worked on.  In assisted reproduction, more and more studies are showing how effective reflexology techniques can be for fertility. Barbara Scott is Tambre’s trusted partner in reflexology consultations. Barbara’s organisation, Seren Fertility, has reflexologists working all over the UK.


The psychological support unit for the patient is an indispensable factor in assisted reproduction centres. In fact, all specialists consider this assistance to be extremely valuable for those patients undergoing fertility treatment who require some emotional support. Anxiety and depression are common emotional states in couples with infertility problems. Tambre has a Psychology and Emotional Support Unit, headed by Raquel Urteaga, a specialist member of the Spanish Fertility Society.


There is a wealth of scientific research showing that nutrition and lifestyle can have a direct effect on fertility in both men and women. Providing personalised nutritional advice to each patient will take into account factors such as stress, sleep and hormones. As has been demonstrated, regular follow-ups are essential in this life-style change to prevent patients from giving up these new habits. Clinica Tambre has the help of Sue Bedford, a nutritional therapist, for this purpose. Sue conducts her sessions by video call or telephone.

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How Much Do Additional Holistic Therapies Cost?

In short, these are some of the therapies that help with assisted reproduction treatment. The cost of these therapies can vary between €100 and €200 per session, depending on the therapy and the number of times the patient sees the practitioner. 

Hopefully, this fertility article has given you some insight into the many different holistic therapy options that are available for complementing fertility treatment.  Whilst these therapies may not directly impact your fertility, taking care of mental and emotional well-being also facilitates a calmer and more bearable process for the patient, which may help the body to respond better to medical fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI.

Click here to visit the Clinica Tambre website and discover the full range of treatments, both holistic and medical, that they have to offer.

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