Are You in the Know About How Blood Sugar Affects Your Fertility?

Eloise Edington  |   21 Apr 2022

Have you ever wondered how blood sugar affects fertility? Are you thinking “Can high blood sugar affect fertility?” or “Can low blood sugar affect fertility?”

You guessed it, blood sugar can affect your fertility and, fortunately, you have the capability to balance your blood sugar. Through lifestyle and dietary changes, you can control your hormones and optimise your fertility whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or having fertility treatment.

Here, Registered Fertility Nutritionist, Kirsten Oddy, shares how balancing blood sugars is essential when TTC and how her online workshop “Let’s Balance!” can help.

Read on to find out more about her workshop and book today.

Over to Kirsten…

Would you like to regain control of your hormones and optimise your fertility?

Are you keen to wave goodbye to pesky PMS symptoms, energy crashes, stubborn weight gain and other hormonal side effects?

My brand-new online workshop ‘Let’s Balance!’ gives you all the information and tools you need to learn all about blood sugar balance and why it’s so important for hormones and fertility.

You will be taught exactly how to balance your blood sugars with easy-to-implement dietary and lifestyle strategies – and if you sign up today you will also receive a five-day meal plan and exclusive goodies too!

Regain control of your hormones and optimise your fertility by booking your place on Kirsten’s workshop here.

How does blood sugar balance help when trying to conceive?

Considering that blood sugar affects fertility, focusing on balancing your blood sugar levels through simple dietary and lifestyle changes is the cornerstone of preconception planning and preparation for getting pregnant.

High blood sugar levels may impact fertility in a number of ways:

  • Lowers egg quality
  • Increases stress hormones, impacting the production of important sex hormones, such as progesterone, which are vital for fertility
  • Increases the risk of pregnancy complications
  • Increases inflammation
  • Sperm health – if you have a male partner then the principles you will learn in the workshop can help them, too

Optimising your health for fertility can increase your chances of conception success and set you up for a healthy pregnancy. I’m here to show you how!

Who will benefit from the workshop?

As blood sugar affects fertility, balancing blood sugar is a key foundational step I take all of my clients through when we work together.

This is because not only will balancing your blood sugars support your hormonal health and fertility, but it can help improve energy, mood, weight loss, sleep and more!

If you answer ‘Yes!’ to any of the below then you will benefit from balancing your blood sugars to boost your fertility:

  • You are thinking about or currently trying to conceive
  • You have PCOS
  • You have endometriosis
  • You have thyroid dysfunction, such as hypothyroid
  • You have irregular, heavy and/or painful periods
  • You suffer from awful PMS symptoms
  • You have persistent acne
  • You are lacking in energy and get the dreaded mid-afternoon crash
  • You struggle to lose weight and keep it off
  • You have cravings for sweet and/or starchy foods on a regular basis
  • You struggle with anxiety or mood swings
  • You want to build a positive relationship with food

Master your blood sugar for fertility by booking your place on Kirsten’s workshop here.

What will be taught in the workshop?

  • Introduction to Blood Sugar

What blood sugar is, why blood sugar is so important for overall health and an overview of the science behind it (because knowledge is power).

  • The ‘Blood Sugar Roller Coaster’

Are you one of the 90% of people riding this roller coaster without realising? I’ll show you how to spot if you’re on the roller coasting and ways you can hop off!

  • The Short-term and Long-term Effects

Learn how blood sugar spikes can impact your hormones, fertility, energy, skin and more…

  • Blood Sugar & the Menstrual Cycle

Learn how your blood sugar changes throughout the menstrual cycle, and how you can use this to your advantage (goodbye PMS!)

  • How to Balance Your Blood Sugars Like a Pro!

A deep dive into exactly how to balance your blood sugars for fertility, through dietary choices, lifestyle changes and more. You will also receive a five-day blood sugar balancing meal plan and a surprise gift so you can take working on your health to the next level!

When is the workshop?

The workshop will be hosted online, on Thursday 28th April at 6:30 pm, UK time.

If you can’t attend the workshop live, or you’re in a different country, not to worry. The workshop will also be recorded so you can tune in and watch back at a time that suits you.

How can I sign up for the workshop?

Are you ready to balance your hormones, optimise your fertility and wave goodbye to PMS, cravings, stubborn weight, low energy and more?

Sign up here!

Balancing your blood sugar levels helps to balance your hormones and optimise your fertility when TTC. Kirsten’s specialist fertility nutrition workshop will provide you with the support you need to regain control of your blood sugar when TTC.

If you have any queries regarding this workshop, email Kirsten at: hello@kirstenoddy.com.

Grab your spot on her online workshop here.

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