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You Need This App If You’re Having Fertility Treatment

Holly Pigache  |   26 Jan 2022

We’ve all been there: muddled up fertility appointment times, left the log of IVF stims at home, lost that scribbled note of the meds we’re on.

IVF brain fog is a real thing (read more here) so wouldn’t it be helpful to have all our fertility appointments, medical notes, test results and fertility advice in one handy place?  You need the Leeaf app.

Leeaf is an all-in-one app for fertility treatment guidance and planning.  Fertility advice and shared stories sit neatly with your personal fertility notes; all securely protected and accessible on the go.  Check out Leeaf’s website by following this link.

Read on to find out how this user-friendly app helps you stay in control during fertility treatment.

Words by Holly Pigache

How will Leeaf make my fertility journey easier?

Making sense of fertility treatment plans and options available to you can be a hurdle during the IVF process.  Here are three ways Leeaf brings clarity to every decision point in your IVF journey:

  1. Access fertility health tips and expert advice/opinions all in one place.
  2. Review your IVF treatment guide and planner within the app: Keep track of all your fertility appointments and get notifications and reminders of upcoming appointments/events/medications.
  3. Everything together for personalised treatment.  All your medical history (and the option to include a partner’s) and inputted lifestyle habits are securely stored within the app.  Always accessible by you and synced with your fertility doctor’s records for unique insights to increase chances of fertility success.

How do I use Leeaf?

It’s so quick to make an account; it took me only two minutes.  When you log in, the Leeaf homepage is simple and its features clearly laid out.  At the bottom of the screen, you can navigate between your homepage, guide, calendar, personal data and the hub.  Let’s look at these in turn.

The Homepage

  • Shows you how far along your Leeaf journey you are.  Starting on the first step, you’ll be invited to “Meet Leeaf App” and can see the handy percentage tracker monitor and share your overall progress.
  • Scrolling down, there are actions you can take to “boost your fertility chances”.  In this first stage, these actions include entering medical information and keeping a diary.  There’s also a link to share your personal story with the Leeaf team with the possibility to be featured in the app’s real experiences blog section.
  • Scroll down a little further and you can track your period – in the same app.
  • Next, you can read some useful tips through “Leeafpedia”.  Topics include lifestyle advice, tips for men, food, infertility, wellbeing topics and facts and information.
  • Looking for personal experiences from other members of the fertility community?  You can read the real experience blog on the Leeaf app, too.
  • From the homepage, you can also add a new event, medication, journal record and more.

The Guide

  • Navigate through your progress steps and see what’s next.  Each step is divided into one of two sections: Beginning or My Treatment.
  • Beginning: Meet Leeaf App, Get ready, Find a clinic, Update your medical history, Initial consultations, Tests, Treatment decision.
  • My Treatment: after you decide on your treatment with your fertility doctor, you can select your treatment.
  • Your medical records and notes are also all neatly organised within the app: medication, laboratory tests, ultrasound tracking, egg retrievals, embryo transfers, spermiograms, other examinations.  Quickly and easily upload files, images and documents here, too.  No more forgetting important dates and carrying doctors’ letters around.
  • You can also store your clinic’s contact details in the app.

The Calendar

  • Want to keep your fertility appointments out of your main phone calendar or diary, safe from prying eyes?  Schedule events, medication and appointments in your Leeaf calendar and view by listed events, days, weeks or months.  If you’re adding an appointment for three months’ time, press the “Today” button to navigate back to the present day without needing to scroll back.

Your Data

  • Fill in as much or as little information as possible but the more questions you answer, the more information your doctor has to use in your initial consultation.
  • Before you start filling in digital forms, see how long it’s likely to take and how far through data completion you are.
  • Your data is securely stored within the app.
  • Part way through your fertility journey?  No problem; Leeaf lets you add details of previous fertility appointments to help your doctor build a clearer picture of your journey so far.
  • Your period and journal entries are also noted here as well as the option to export or share your data outside the app.

Leeaf Hub

  • Gain access to Leeaf’s worldwide network of fertility physicians.
  • Use the Leeaf hub to request an independent consultation before your next IVF cycle.  Independent consultations provide you with: a second opinion from another clinic, a better understanding of your unique situation and clarification of the cause(s) of your struggle with fertility.

Leeaf Features FHH Loves:

Feature 1: Over 30 FAQs all in one place and a glossary for all those acronyms!

Feature 2: Clear guidance of how to use Leeaf.

Feature 3: Tips – at your fingertips!

With the Leeaf app, it’s easy to regain control of your fertility journey.  With expert advice, shared stories and personalised treatment plans, Leeaf helps women feel empowered during fertility treatment to improve their chances of IVF success.

Download and try Leeaf for free now.  Download for Apple devices and for Android.

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