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Eloise Edington  |   25 May 2022

If you’re struggling to conceive, you’re not alone.

Around 1 in 8 couples struggle to conceive and fertility specialists agree that approximately:

  • 30% of infertility cases a couple faces are solely due to male-factor infertility
  • 30% are solely down to female-factor infertility
  • 30% of problems are a result of combined male and female problems
  • 10% of infertility causes are unknown.

Quite clearly, infertility is not just a woman’s issue.

Yet so often, the onus is on women to optimize their fertility through a fertility-friendly diet, hormone-friendly exercise, minimizing stress and exposure to toxins, and taking specially-designed fertility supplements.

The reality is, that men should be optimizing their health prior to conception, too.

For World Infertility Awareness Month this June, FHH have teamed up with our new partners at Eu Natural to share the importance of a holistic approach to preconception health in both men and women.

Read on for top tips to boost fertility and fertility treatment outcomes and receive an exclusive 20% discount on Eu Natural fertility supplements.

Written by Holly Pigache

Optimize Your Lifestyle for Optimal Fertility

There are countless resources advising on what to add to (and omit from) your diet to boost fertility: Reduce exposure to fertility-harming toxins by cutting out alcohol and stopping smoking, take up moderate exercise a few times a week, drink filtered water, follow a Meditteranean diet, and ensure you’re having enough fertility-enhancing foods throughout the day. (Yes, men, that goes for you, too!)

But when it comes to stress, keeping cortisol levels within the optimal range isn’t always easy. Our lifestyles are busy and hectic, and many people TTC or having fertility treatment are also holding down a job. If you’re trying to navigate fertility appointments alongside work, daily stress can creep up on you. This is not good news for fertility. Persistently-raised cortisol levels can impact ovulation and contribute to luteal phase deficiency so it’s important to try to mitigate the harm cortisol causes to your reproductive organs.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Consistently

One way to combat daily stress is to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re struggling to drift off, try Eu Natural’s SERENITY Natural Sleep Aid. This powerful blend has clinically proven ingredients such as magnesium, valerian root, and chamomile to combat daily stress, promote relaxation, and ease general anxiety. You won’t start your day feeling groggy like other sleep aids because the super plant-powered ingredients help you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Enjoying the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night also has fertility benefits:

  • The same part of the brain that regulates the hormones of waking and sleeping also triggers the reproductive hormones in men and women to be released each day.
  • In women, chronic lack of sleep can inhibit the LH surge that sets-off ovulation and maintains a regular menstrual cycle.

Plus, we’re often grumpy when we’re tired. A fertility struggle is difficult enough, so getting enough sleep can improve your mood and bolster your fertility.

Balance Your Hormones

You can also balance your reproductive hormones through diet. Watch your sugar intake as high blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on your fertility. Elevated blood sugar levels: lower egg quality; damage sperm health; increase inflammation; increase cortisol levels which subsequently impact the production of progesterone; and increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Eu Natural’s GLOW prenatal support healthy blood glucose levels – click here to find out more.

To support your fertility-friendly diet, take a full-spectrum, high-quality fertility supplement for women. Eu Natural’s CONCEPTION supplements have clean ingredients (such as vitex, folate folic acid, ashwagandha, and myo-inositol) clinically proven to give the female reproductive system the hormonal balancing it needs for best functioning. With 30,000 five-star reviews, it’s no wonder this fertility supplement (with a unique blend of pure ingredients at the optimal levels) is a fertility powerhouse.

CONCEPTION female supplements:

  • Regulate your menstrual cycle, especially for women who have an irregular cycle
  • Aid ovulation
  • Support hormonal balance
  • Contain no fillers and are 100% vegetarian and natural

Check out this TikTok about CONCEPTION fertility supplements.

Receive an exclusive 20% discount on all Eu Natural supplements by using code FHH20 at checkout.

Enhance Your Sperm

Men should also be optimizing their diets for fertility as research has shown an association between a high intake of fried foods, added sugars, red or processed meat, refined grains, and trans fats and lower sperm count, and reduced motility and morphology.

To help prepare sperm for their journey to the egg, it’s best to take a preconception male fertility supplement (specifically designed for men) up to three months before actively trying for a baby. Eu Natural’s CONCEPTION MEN full-spectrum supplements for men are formulated with optimal levels of ashwagandha, zinc, manganese, and folate folic acid for sperm health.

CONCEPTION MEN (male fertility supplements):

  • Promote healthy sperm motility
  • Strengthen sperm (decreasing DNA fragmentation)
  • Contain no fillers and are 100% vegetarian and natural
  • Helps the reproductive system perform at its optimal level

Fertility Support Beyond Supplements

Eu Natural is certainly a leading fertility supplement brand with over 27,000 five-star reviews. Yet it is not just a vitamin brand enhancing men’s and women’s health, fertility and wellness. Beyond fertility supplements, they strive to create a community for those needing fertility support, encouragement and hope. You might find that you’re doing everything you can to boost your chances of getting pregnant and when you’re still not having success, a fertility community can help.

We spoke to our FHH Community and asked why being part of a fertility community is so important when trying to conceive. First and foremost, it helps us to feel like we’re not the only ones going through a fertility struggle. Knowing others are experiencing similar things makes us feel less isolated and better understood. Speaking with others can circulate advice, spark ideas,  provide support, and instil hope.

Join Eu Natural’s Fertility & Pregnancy Inner Circle group (open to discussions about all Eu Natural’s vitamins) via Facebook here and here.

If you’re looking for live streams with fertility specialists, Eu Natural also:

  • Holds Q&As on Facebook and Instagram Lives with fertility nutritionists – have your questions answered for free!
  • Works with non-profits on giveaways and giveback programs
  • Creates assets for their social media pages that are informative, helpful, and bite-sized for your TTC journey (such as fertility diet plans and insights into fertility acupuncture)
  • Works with influencers struggling with fertility, providing the community with raw and honest conversations.

For every bottle of supplements purchased, Eu Natural donate a year’s supply of vitamins to a child in need, with Vitamin Angels.

Eu Natural is passionate about helping women achieve their dreams of building a family – and providing support along the way!

“We have always wanted to bring awareness to the TTC community and allow their voices to be heard. We believe that all women and men on this journey are TTC warriors who deserve compassion, love, and support. Furthermore, we believe that they deserve to support their own bodies and wellness with top standard products and ingredients. That is why our formulas are packed with powerful nutrition that meets everybody’s needs across every chapter of their story.”

So if you’re looking for something special to help you get pregnant, Eu Natural is the fertility supplements brand for you.

Receive an inclusive 20% discount on Eu Natural supplements with code FHH20. Checkout here.

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