Why should I take supplements when TTC?

Eloise Edington  |   31 Dec 2021

Ending the year feeling optimistic

Fall and autumn are a time for regrouping – pivoting our plans to end the year strong, whether trying to conceive (TTC) or focused on other goals. Read about our community’s hopes for 2022 here.  If you are focused on getting pregnant as we head towards 2023, read on for the best supplements for men and women when TTC  – as well as the supplements to take during pregnancy.

By Holly Pigache with Beli 

Why should I take supplements when TTC?

Much of TTC is beyond our control. But improving nutrition whilst trying to get pregnant, or before fertility treatment, is a good way to boost outcomes.

Men and women both have a role to play when TTC, and male and female prenatal supplements can help give you a better chance of getting pregnant.

Prenatal supplements can’t instantly maximize your likelihood of conceiving. But by filling nutritional gaps in your diet and boosting nutrients shown to support the processes that drive conception, they can make a difference.  One study found that couples who take prenatal vitamins prior to conception actually can shorten the time that it takes to conceive by 5%. Men and women should aim to take prenatal vitamins at least three months before the cycle they’re hoping to achieve a pregnancy.

Prenatals for men, and for women


When it comes to TTC, so much can feel out of our control.  But there are things you can do to improve the odds.  Regular exercise, taking measures to reduce your stress (when you can) and taking prenatal vitamins all play an important role in preconception health.

  • Vitamins C, B6, B12, D, E and K2, folate, zinc, chromium and choline are key nutrients that decrease the chances of miscarriage, help trigger ovulation, improve egg quality and boost your chances of conception.


Why should I take supplements when TTC? We hear it a lot. And mainly, it’s because male-factor fertility issues account for a sizeable chunk of TTC struggles.  Whilst it’s also important for men to improve their diet, exercise regularly and reduce stress, specific nutrients have been shown to improve sperm quality. In particular:

  • CoQ10, methylated folate, L-Carnitine and selenium are proven to enhance sperm health, and linked to more positive pregnancy outcomes, as well as the baby’s long-term health.

Notice how the nutrients men and women need for fertility health vary?  That means a man shouldn’t take prenatals designed for women, and women shouldn’t take prenatals intended for men.  It won’t necessarily be harmful, but it’s not helpful either.

You can take all the nutrients needed in the correct amounts with Beli’s science-aligned prenatal supplements.  To ensure you’re getting exactly what you need, Beli advises taking a daily dose from the time you begin thinking about conceiving, or actively TTC, all the way through pregnancy and beyond delivery for optimal recovery and breastfeeding support.

What supplements should I take when TTC?

Or, what supplements should I take before pregnancy?  The Beli team has extensively researched and developed leading supplements for fertility and beyond.

  • Vitamins B6, B12, E and K2 boost fertility and egg quality
  • Beli’s prenatals contain a folic acid supplement for trying to conceive, with optimal levels of methylfolate (a natural and superior form of folic acid)
  • Folate is naturally found in leafy vegetables, citrus fruit and eggs but many of us don’t eat a varied enough diet for adequate levels of folate for TTC.  Beli’s prenatals support healthy fertility, pregnancy and postpartum recovery
  • When you’re TTC, it’s important to get the nutrients you need, and vitamins D and C, and folate, magnesium and iron will nourish you from the inside

If you live in the US, you can grab 15% off Beli supplements by using code FHH15 at checkout.

All Beli’s supplements are gentle on the stomach for easy absorption, and helping to ease morning sickness.

What supplements should I take when pregnant?

Looking for pregnancy supplements?  Beli has formulated some of the best pregnancy supplements for your baby’s healthy development.
  • To help prevent birth defects, Beli’s prenatals include recommended levels of choline (a nutrient often overlooked in prenatal vitamins).  Choline is essential for your baby’s brain and spinal cord development
  • To support your baby’s growth, Beli’s prenatals also include vitamins B12 and K2 as well as folate, choline, iodine and zinc
  • Calcium supplements during pregnancy are essential for your baby’s bone formation, and will also help digestion and ease symptoms of heartburn
  • Vitamins B12, D, K2 and folate, magnesium and iron will support labour and delivery, whilst vitamins B6, B12, D and choline, iron and magnesium nourish your body after pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding
  • Vitamins C and D reduce the risk of preeclampsia, help prevent high blood pressure and preterm birth, and work to minimise swelling in your hands, feet and face

Beli’s scientifically-formulated supplements are safe to take during pregnancy.

All Beli Supplements

The bottom line

Taking supplements when TTC and throughout pregnancy is crucial for optimal fertility, higher chances of conception, and development and birth of a heathy baby.

Even if you’re only thinking about TTC in 2022, begin taking supplements as soon as possible (that goes for you too, fellas!)

Beli’s full range of prenatal and pregnancy supplements give you everything you need during this exciting time.  If you’re based in the US, remember you can get 15% off your order when you use code FHH15 at checkout here.

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