Top 5 U.S. Fertility Supplements for Men and Women

Eloise Edington  |  2 Jul 2021

Spoiler—your fertility supplements may not be doing as much as you think. In an unpleasant twist, both the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Paediatrics have reported that many of the popular prenatal vitamins being marketed to women don’t actually meet adequate nutrient levels for choline, folate, vitamin D, magnesium and iodine.

That poses a problem, as all of these fertility nutrients are vital for pregnancy, lactation and the proper development of your baby.

Fertility Help Hub wants to make sure you find the best fertility supplements for your journey, so we’ve drawn up a shortlist of what we believe are some of the top fertility supplements out there.

Words by Katherine Compton

1. Beli

The team behind Beli vitamins has thoroughly researched the formulas for both their male and female fertility supplements. Not only do they ensure the recommended quantities of essential nutrients for you and your baby, they’re optimised for ideal nutrition support from fertility to pregnancy and beyond.

Beli for Him

Beli fertility supplements for men are often listed as one of the best male fertility supplements out there because of the proprietary vitality blend:

  • Optimises reproductive and sperm health with the right nutrients
  • Increases sperm count and improves quality for greater pregnancy potential
  • Protects sperm during the growth cycle
  • Balances acid-alkaline in the body to help sperm survive and work properly
  • Improves egg penetration
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves cellular health

In formulating this fertility supplement, the Beli team considered as many infertility factors as possible. Essential nutrients in appropriate quantities help ensure optimal sperm count, motility, quality and quantity. This science-backed formula is the first to use all-natural Shilajit as a key ingredient. That means in addition to supporting stronger, more productive sperm, Beli for Men also boosts energy and cellular health.

Beli for Her

It takes two to make a baby, and Beli for him and her cover all the bases. Just like the men’s version, Beli Fertility Supplements for women offer a wide range of benefits that helps with both common and uncommon infertility factors. These supplements:

  • Boost fertility for healthy conception
  • Improve healthy egg quality
  • Protect baby’s brain and spine
  • Maintain healthy energy throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • Support bone density for mom and baby
  • Help support neural tube development and reduce risk of developing conditions such as Spina Bifida
  • Help reduce incidences of birth defects
  • Help reduce nausea
  • Support postpartum recovery and breastfeeding
  • Provide the necessary building blocks for baby’s long-term cognitive development

Equal to the other prenatals we have mentioned throughout this article, Beli Women supports egg quality and health. However, all of the other benefits mentioned are unique to Beli Women, offering a wide variety of support such as cognitive and spinal development, healthy energy for pregnancy and supporting postpartum recovery and breasting feeding, etc. For heterosexual couples, the support of both Beli Women and Beli Men could increase your chances of a successful conception and pregnancy or simply improve your fertility in general.

Fertility Help

2. Eu Natural – Conception Men

Eu Natural offers fertility supplements for both men and women. The following list includes the collective benefits of these prenatal supplements for both men and women:

  • Supports healthy fertility
  • Clinically researched
  • Natural 100% vegetarian soft caps
  • Made in the USA, FDA approved

Benefits of Eu Natural – Conception Men:

  • Plant based
  • Clinically proven ingredients like zinc folate and Ashwagandha that promotes optimal count, sperm motility, strength and healthy volume production
  • Supports normal reproductive cycle and pregnancy (we often forget that pregnancy outcomes also depend on the quality of the sperm)
  • Lab tested to be effective and bioavailable
  • Buying one bottle of these vitamins means they will donate a whole year’s free supply to a child in need
Fertility Help

3. Eu Natural – Momma

Momma prenatal vitamins are produced by Eu Natural and offer very specific fertility support:

  • Made to withstand stomach and digestive acid to make sure it arrives to your gut safely
  • Promotes long lasting blood glucose levels during pregnancy
  • Is a probiotic that supports comfortable digestion and regularity
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Clinically researched

Are They Any Good?

The Eu Natural Conception Men fertility supplements cover many male infertility factors, some of which are rarely taken into consideration such as the progress and development of the fertilised egg. If the quality of the sperm was poor when the egg was penetrated, the pregnancy might not always have a successful outcome and this brand takes this into consideration. Male infertility is so rarely examined for its impact on the progress of pregnancy, even though it can be a big contributor to miscarriage. Not only does this pill promote sperm motility and count, but also, healthy sperm DNA production and function.

The Momma fertility pills for women help support blood glucose levels and maintaining a healthy immune system. They also offers probiotic support for digestion and comfort – all of which ideal for preparing your body for conception.

4. Pink Stork Fertility

Pink Stork Fertility is a woman-owned company that makes prenatal vitamins for men and women. They produce their stock in the USA without gluten, dairy, soy, fish, nuts or GMOs.

For women, the benefits are that it supports your natural cycle to try to help you conceive.

For men, these fertility supplements promote healthy sperm count, production and quality.

If you are trying to conceive naturally or you have opted for IVF, having a fertility pill for women that supports you throughout your natural cycle can be a great comfort. For most men with infertility, producing healthy sperm, in terms of quality and quantity, is a very common form of infertility. The benefits of this supplement could be useful to most men struggling with infertility or men who simply want to maximise their fertility. (See Beli Vitamins). 

5. Fertility Aid for Men

FertilityAid for men is a male fertility supplement with the following benefits:

  • It is a 2 in 1 vitamin (supports daily health and fertility health)
  • It was clinically studied for 90 days using a randomised placebo-control on men. The group of men receiving fertility aid showed significant improvement in healthy sperm count and motility
  • It offers more vitamin dosages such as twice the amount of Vitamin C than other male fertility supplements and three times the amount of zinc and beta carotene
  • Contains all key vitamins
  • Made in the USA from a trusted brand that supports those who are TTC

These supplements primarily support healthy sperm motility and count, a very common aspect of male infertility. 

Quantity is everything when it comes to vitamins and you can have too much of a good thing. Doubling the amount of certain vitamins isn’t always a benefit, especially if it is going above the recommended dose, so make sure you are having the right dosage for your fertility needs. 

FertilityAid is made by a trusted source, it has been clinically tested for it’s effectiveness and it covers the primary aspects of male infertility.

Make sure that whichever supplements you choose to take are the right ones for you and they support all of your particular fertility needs.

If you’re interested in swapping out old supplements for Beli, or wondering where to start, click here and use code FHH15 for 15% off.

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