Four Simple Things You Can Do To Lift Your Mood Today

Eloise Edington  |   23 Feb 2022

Living through the pandemic over the past few years has been difficult, to say the least.  We won’t go over the tragedies many people have faced as a result of Covid-19 complications, instead, let’s look forward to getting our lives back on track.

At Fertility Help Hub, we know the importance of positive wellbeing – particularly when going through fertility treatment.  When trying to conceive, it can be difficult to remain positive and making an effort to improve your happiness can feel like another thing to do.  But making meaningful lifestyle changes to boost positivity and happiness doesn’t need to be complicated.

Read on to discover four, simple, everyday lifestyle changes you can do today to help lift your mood and boost wellbeing.

Written by Holly Pigache

Struggling to conceive and going through fertility treatment can be incredibly stressful but it’s important to have a positive attitude to improve IVF outcomes.  Of course, this is easier said than done.

However, there are simple changes you can make to your daily habits to help you feel healthier and boost your mood.

1. Spend Time with Loved Ones

After two years of near-enforced social isolation, we’re all aware that a lack of social connection can harm our mental health.  Spending time with people you love and doing enjoyable things together helps your brain to release endorphins which are good for wellbeing.  Having a healthy, fulfilling social life can also reduce the likelihood of developing clinical depression and anxiety, as well as boosting self-esteem.

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2. Find Inner Calm

Practising mindfulness has become very popular in many cultures over recent years, probably because there are so many health benefits.  For example, mindfulness can help you become better at dealing with stressful or challenging situations and cope with negative thoughts when they arise.  Even just five to ten minutes in the morning can help set you up for the day, or five to ten minutes before bed can help you wind down.  When you choose to find a moment of calm is up to you so enjoy trying different times and seeing what helps you feel more positive.

You may also decide to practice gratitude by writing down five things you’re grateful for each day.  This will help you focus on the positives in life and can be a good way to feel happier because you’ll feel more content with what you have.  Saying that, an important note: burying sadness or negative thoughts isn’t helpful.  Speak with caring loved ones if you need support or speak to your healthcare provider or another mental health professional if you feel your mental health needs bolstering.

3. Add Herbs and Spices for Happiness Inside and Out

Herbal remedies have been used in kitchens for thousands of years because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Different herbs help support the natural function of different organs and adding herbs and spices to meals is a great way to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs.

  • rosemary has been shown to aid cardiovascular health, prevent allergies and relieve blocked noses
  • peppermint helps ease pain associated with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • parsley is bursting with antioxidants and vitamins A and C with some studies showing it plays a role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  • garlic can improve cardiovascular health and fight sickness
  • sage has been found to improve brain function and memory
  • ginger has been found to help the functioning of the gut and alleviate joint pain as a powerful anti-inflammatory.  It can also treat nausea
  • cinnamon slows the breakdown of carbohydrates, helping to lower blood sugar levels
  • turmeric has so many powerful medicinal benefits because it contains curcumin.  Curcumin is both anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, and research has shown it can improve brain function, relieve arthritis, fight Alzheimers and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer

Ensuring you have a healthy, balanced diet that includes a range of health-boosting herbs and spices helps your body’s natural functioning.

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4. Develop a Healthy Sleep Habit

Our sleep health is connected to our physical health as when we sleep, our body’s natural biochemical mechanisms promote recovery.  Having a regular sleep routine (going to bed and waking up at the same time each day) will help you feel more energised throughout the day, so resist the temptation to repeatedly hit snooze at the weekend.  To help your body prepare for sleep, try drinking some camomile tea, switching off from technology at least an hour before bed and reading a book.

Following these simple lifestyle hacks can help you feel healthier and happier.  Being more social doesn’t have to end at connecting with existing friends.  Join new networks like our fertility community to speak with others going through similar experiences.  Speaking with others and learning tried-and-tested ways of improving happiness and wellbeing can be a great way to find out what works for you.

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