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4 things to factor into your supplement routine this spring (think gut health, immune support & beating spring fatigue)

Emma Harpham in partnership with Nutri Advanced   |   26 Mar 2024

Why am I tired in the spring?

Ah, spring. This time of year tends to usher in a welcome flurry of activity – the days get longer, our social lives ramp up again, and we might even start exercising more. In my case, hello, post-work jogs in daylight!

Usually, we start to feel better in ourselves as we wave goodbye to winter. But in the midst of all this, we might find our immunity ends up taking a hit. And for some of us – me included – spring fatigue’ and seasonal tiredness plus allergies can strike, leaving us feeling lethargic, and in need of an extra wellbeing boost.

How to deal with spring fatigue

Feelings of fatigue and lethargy can so often be attributed to our lifestyle, stress levels, and diets.

And here at team TRB, it’s no secret that we’re fans of supplementing to top up our health goals. We’ve all got different needs, that can also change depending on the time of year.

So for what to keep in mind when we’re switching out our supplement shelf for spring, we’re turning to Nutri Advanced

No matter where you’re at, their targeted nutrient support covers so many bases. Bookmark our library of articles created in collaboration with their expert team – from our magnesium deep-dive and early pregnancy supplement goals to these top tips for managing perimenopause symptoms. It’s all here! 

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Today we’re covering:

  • The hows and whys of spring immune support
  • Getting gut-healthy with the new season
  • Ways to give ourselves an all-around energy boost
  • Keeping an eye on allergies

Read on for the mini-guide.

What to factor into your spring supplement routine

1. Immune support is (still) key

Most of us know that vitamin D supplementation is crucial for our immune health, especially during the winter months. 

But even when we’re getting more regular day-to-day sunlight, so many of us can benefit from keeping our vitamin D topped up into the spring period. 

The change in temperature combined with lingering winter bugs (is it just me, or were they extra bad this year?) can leave us vulnerable to feeling under the weather. Some people even report an increase in seasonal sniffles in the spring. Yup, it’s a thing. 

Nutri Advanced top pick: Vitamin D3 with K2 – an easy-to-take dual purpose liquid with optimal absorption.

Why? From supporting immune health, to bone and heart health, studies show that taking vitamin D with vitamin K2 has been shown to be more effective than just taking either nutrient on its own.

Want to get into the nitty gritty? Read our deep dive piece into the vitamin D3 and K2 combination benefits for the full 101.


2. It’s a good time to get gut-healthy

Spring is a great time to show your gut some love. 

With all the seasonal fruits and veggies starting to come into the supermarkets, ‘eating the rainbow’ and boosting our phytonutrient intake to support our gut microbiome (and our immunity, energy and wellbeing in turn) gets much easier. 

Load your plate with:

  • Colourful fruits like strawberries, kiwis, rhubarb, apricots and pineapple
  • Spring veggies like asparagus, artichoke, spinach, peas and radishes
  • Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir 

However, pairing really fresh, seasonal eating choices with a science-backed probiotic is really the best way to ensure your gut is getting what it needs.

Nutri Advanced top pick: Bactiol® Probiotic Gummies for Adults – a brand new product featuring two clinically-researched probiotic strains, Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis, plus a prebiotic fibre. And, a really tasty natural orange flavour! 

Why? An imbalanced microbiome can leave us feeling sluggish. Studies have shown that combining probiotics with a prebiotic makes for extra targeted support for your wellbeing, gut and even immune health. 

Known as ‘good bacteria’, probiotics work to maintain a healthy, balanced gut environment, and prebiotics act as ‘food’ for these good bacteria, growing and supporting your microbiome in all the right ways

3. Keep spring fatigue at bay

With longer daylight hours and more outdoor activities, you might feel fatigued or sluggish as you adjust to the changing season. 

Often though, feelings of lethargy can be traced back to things like stress, too. Watch out for this one in particular, especially if life feels busier lately.

When it comes to how to deal with spring fatigue, taking an all-bases-covered approach, and adding a high-quality multivitamin into your supplement routine can help cover any missing nutrition gaps.

Nutri Advanced top pick: Multi Essentials For Women Multivitamin – specifically designed to contain a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are not found in cheaper alternatives.

Why? With 29 essential vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable forms, this one-a-day supplement provides targeted support for everything from hormone balance to fertility, bone health to immunity; helping you sail through everyday life with energy and vitality.


For more top tips on how to choose a multivitamin, bookmark this one to read up on the latest advice.

4. Start with supplements for spring allergies

The UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world. According to the MetOffice, around two in every ten people have a pollen allergy, and it is thought that more than 10 million Brits suffer with hay fever.

And if that’s you, the arrival of spring might have you lining up your dehumidifier and thinking about getting your repeat antihistamine prescriptions in motion for those peak late spring and early summer months.

But, did you know that there are supplements for spring allergies that can also help you find relief so that you don’t have to feel so drained by it all?

Nutri Advanced top pick: Everyday Essentials for Hay Fever – a trio of expertly formulated supplements, to provide natural relief and support for seasonal allergies.

Why? Vitamin C + Quercetin in particular could help to balance histamine levels and provide support for respiratory health. Vitamin D3 Drops support the normal function of the immune system as we’ve mentioned, and Omega-3s could provide ongoing support for a healthy inflammatory response.


The bottom line 

There you have it! Our mini guide to switching up your supplements for the new season, dealing with spring fatigue, boosting your energy and immunity and keeping allergies at bay.

Of course, we’re all different – and the bottom line is that you may have different well being goals depending on your age, gender and other health requirements in the long term.

Chatting with an expert nutritionist can help you put together a personalised plan.

Whatever your needs and goals this spring, get started here with 20% off the entire Nutri Advanced range, using code TRB20.

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