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Kids probiotic gummies: Do they work? (Spoiler, yes. And we love these)

Jessie Day, in partnership with Nutri Advanced  |   26 Feb 2024

The problem I have with the kids gummy supplement game, as a parent – and, let’s face it – slightly obsessive wellbeing editor, is that they so often come packed with, at best, sugar, and at worst, pure rubbish. Oh, and the dosage would need to be ten times higher, to see any real benefit. 

So often with supplements for kids, it comes down to a couple of factors. Will they take them (i.e, do they taste okay) and, will they actually support health and wellbeing – do they work? Find your sweet spot on these points and at a price you like (I find subscriptions invaluable here), and you’re winning. 

Gummies almost always appeal to kids – when mine were really little I’d sell it to them as their ‘morning sweetie’ – in taste and appearance. But scan the back of the pack and it’s not uncommon to see a whole load of rubbish alongside your micronutrients. 

I recently grabbed a jar from one of the leading UK brands – their kids gummy supplement – and had a look, just to check I wasn’t missing a trick. The ingredients list led with wheat glucose syrup, plus sugar, and a whole load of other things. I’d seen enough – my kids just don’t need wheat glucose with their gut support – and we’d be better off with a yoghurt a day, I’m positive. 

A bioactive 3-in1 pre and probiotic gummy – for kids – with no added rubbish

Yes please!

But seriously, probiotic gummies for children really suck, a lot of the time. So despite being a huge fan of the Nutri Advanced range as the go-to for my own health and wellbeing – read about why I’m obsessed with their magnesium supplement options (the MegaMag® Fem Balance is dreamy) and early pregnancy support – I was prepared to be disappointed.

I needn’t have worried.

Each jar of probiotic gummies from the new range by internationally revered supplement lines Nutri Advanced and Metagenics comes right up to scratch, changing the game for parents looking to get kids’ gut health – and a cascade of health benefits – in check.

The range to know is Bactiol®, and specifically latest additions – the Probiotic Gummies for Kids and adults version, if you’re on the hunt for grown-up probiotics in gummy form. There’s also a Bactiol® probiotic baby drops option, and a wide range of capsule probiotics to check out – I like Ultra Probioplex™ ND for everyday support.

Let’s focus in on Bactiol® Probiotics Gummies for Kids, and how these delicious daily probiotic gummies might just change the course of gut health for the future, right from age three.

Editor’s tip: TRB readers get 20% off the entire range at Nutri Advanced right now, using code TRB20 at checkout. 

Do kids need to take probiotics?

There’s lots of back-and-forth on this, especially if you search online. Some say kids are able to get all the gut support they need from diet and lifestyle alone. I say, my kids do best when I add in carefully researched, trusted support, in the form of a high-quality, expertly developed supplement. 

With the best will in the world, my son loves yoghurt, my daughter not so much. Neither of them drink kombucha – as far as I’m aware – and we do our very best with vegetables, variety and limiting sugar, but life often has its own plans. And, the bugs are awful this year

As Nutri Advanced explain, probiotics support immune health by:  

  • nurturing a balanced gut microbiome
  • increasing immune cell activity
  • supporting healthy inflammation
  • strengthening the gut barrier
  • producing antimicrobial substances

And, whilst the effectiveness may vary depending on specific probiotic strains, adding a probiotic into your little one’s daily routine can be an easy way to support the immune system.

From fewer bouts of diarrhoea to noticeable immune system benefits, I see first-hand everything there is to gain from a targeted kids probiotic. And, when my kids have been on antibiotics for the odd ear infection, or bacterial issue, I’ve really appreciated having that baseline probiotic support to lean straight into, to get their gut health back on track. 

Let’s talk strains

One gummy a day from the Bactiol® kids probiotic range delivers 2 billion live bacteria, as well as a prebiotic derived from chicory root, for added intestinal health support. For those interested in strains (me too!), you’re getting two well-researched Bacillus, specifically: 

  • Bacillus coagulans 1 billion CFU, demonstrated by research to support gut motility and microbial balance, and 
  • Bacillus subtilis 1 billion CFU, shown to reduce gastrointestinal discomfort (especially gas) and support digestion 

So, if constipation or tummy troubles are a bug bear for your little ones, alongside needing that immune back-stop, these gummies could be an excellent support. Both strains are proven to be ‘resilient’, too – known to survive stomach acidity and the harsh conditions of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract. 

Prebiotics for extra points

By aiming for a varied diet and sneaking as much fruit and veg into your kids’ meals as possible (onions, garlic or celery finely chopped in a pasta sauce are great, or banana slices with almond butter), you should be doing okay on the prebiotic front. Again though, I always feel like we can use the extra help, so an all-in-one pre and probiotic is ideal. 

Probiotics are often talked about as ‘good bacteria’, working to support our gut health at the source. Prebiotics can be seen as ‘food’ for these good bacteria, and the prebiotic chicory root selected by Nutri Advanced for these gummies has been shown to increase levels of health-promoting bacteria – Bifidobacterium – in the gut. 

probiotic gummies for children

Fuss-free and delicious

Gummies need to taste good, otherwise there’s very little point, and these really smash that brief. 

With a delicious, natural orange look and taste – approved in trials by kids, for the big thumbs-up – no added sugar (the prebiotic chicory root is naturally sweet), artificial colours or sweeteners, it’s a world away from the gummy probiotics lining even the bougiest of shelves. 

Kids aged three and over just need to pop one gummy into their mouth daily, and have a good chew. 

Any other tips for gut health?

When it comes to kids’ gut health, I’m somewhat obsessed. But that’s mainly because I’ve seen the benefits of a little extra help, over the years, to address acute problems (like diarrhoea and antibiotic-related issues) and overall immune health, especially in the unique post-Covid petri dish we find ourselves in, as parents right now. 

Here are my top tips, for at-home family gut health support: 

  1. Get going with a high-quality, well-researched probiotic, designed for kids – whether it’s a gummy or drops, you’re investing in tip-top support 
  2. Prioritise fibre (gently) – good options include porridge oats, raspberries, peas, beans and avocado – to help move food along the digestive system, and prevent constipation
  3. Encourage fluids – water is best, and getting them to drink more can really support a happy, hydrated GI tract, and diarrhoea if it comes up
  4. Watch the sugar – a little is unavoidable, for most of us, but keeping it to a minimum will really boost the balance of good-to-bad bacteria in the gut 
  5. Let them be kids – all of this said, kids’ guts do best when they’re stress-free and happy. So lots of play, laughter and variety paired with stability is perfect – and, most important, rest when needed. That goes for you too! 

Let us know your little panel’s verdict – more orange needed, or just orangey enough? – and your own, and remember to use your exclusive 20% off the entire Nutri Advanced range, with code TRB20 at checkout.

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