Liquid fertility supplements – do they really work, and what are the added benefits? A nutritionist’s Q&A

Emma Harpham in partnership with Naître  |   1 Mar 2024

The 101 on liquid fertility supplements, with team Naître

Curious about liquid fertility supplements? We’re guessing that’s why you’re here.

In a nutshell – supplements with a liquid formula are said to ensure better nutrient absorption, allowing for more powerful and targeted supplementation.

But what else is there to know? What’s the science behind the supplements, and what are the benefits of choosing a liquid formula over a capsule formula?

Plus, importantly, do liquid fertility supplements really work?

Watch as expert Amy Morris, Fertility Nutritionist at Naître, shares the inside scoop on liposomal liquids.

Naître’s one-a-day liquid liposomal supplement shots are backed by science, and are the world’s most advanced, right now.

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Now, over to Amy.

What is liposomal liquid, and how does it work?

Amy explains that liposomal liquid is groundbreaking compared to pills and capsule format.

“Research indicates that pills and capsules often only deliver around 10% of the vitamins and minerals they contain.

Liposomes allow Naître to deliver up to 98% of the active ingredients contained.”

What are the benefits of liposomal liquid fertility supplements?

The benefits of liquid fertility supplements are wide ranging. Think;

  • Improved bio-compatibility – Liposome formulas are totally bio-compatible with our bodies.
  • Preserved nutrients – Nutrients are encased with natural lipid cells, protecting them against harmful stomach acid.
  • Direct delivery – Liposomes transport the nutrients directly into the bloodstream before it’s absorbed, helping strengthen and regenerate cells, meaning zero waste.
  • Increased absorption – Liposomes significantly increase the absorption by up to eight times more, compared to pills or capsule supplements.

How can Naître’s liquid liposomal formula support women and men individually?

Amy explains that Naître’s liquid liposomal fertility sachets are tailored to you and your partner’s needs, breaking down exactly how their fertility formulas prep your body for pregnancy, whilst nourishing you and your partner’s reproductive health.

For female fertility:

“Naître’s women’s fertility formula can improve ovulatory health, regulate cycles, balance hormones and protect cells and embryos at a critical stage of reproduction (which is from 0 to 13 weeks).”

For male fertility:

“Naître men’s fertility formula has 21 ingredients proven to support reproductive health, including improving sperm health, motility and concentration, and helping to protect sperm DNA.”

The bottom line on liquid fertility supplements

There we have it, the liquid fertility supplements Q&A.

Formulation really is key when we’re talking about supplementing for fertility, because we want to make sure we’re getting exactly what we need, at the highest quality.

For all this, make Naître your go-to. Explore their range of female and male fertility (and peep their packs for couples and handy subscription options, too) and add their one-a-day liquid liposome sachets into your fertility toolkit.

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