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We finally got the courage to try mushroom coffee – here’s why we wish we’d done it sooner

Emma Harpham and Hollie Ralphson, Team TRB  |   11 Apr 2024

Mushroom drinks are trending right now

And we can bet you probably already know that!

From our ‘For You’ page on TikTok to our email inboxes, mushroom drinks, mushroom powders, and even mushroom coffee seem to be taking the internet by storm lately.

These drinks typically boast a blend of medicinal mushroom extracts all wrapped up in gorgeously aesthetic packaging – and they’re said to have a wealth of health benefits to boot. 

But, what’s behind the mushroom hype? And, with all the emerging research on mushrooms, can we really speak to any of the claims made about these trendy mushroom blends and their potential benefits? 


Here on team TRB, we’re obviously all pretty big into all things health and wellness – from the cherry juice for sleep trend and rosemary oil for hair loss, to the magnesium powder our Senior Editor takes on holiday, we’re here for it all. 

So, predictably, curiosity eventually got the better of us – and when the opportunity to try The Shruum mushroom powder by jrny came up, our Content Manager Hollie jumped at the chance. 

Read on for her review, and – spoiler alert – find out why she wishes she’d tried it sooner.

What is mushroom coffee?

But first, a little background. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have been using medicinal mushrooms for their adaptogenic properties to combat stress and other health conditions for centuries. 

Mushroom coffee generally incorporates these medicinal mushrooms in crushed powder extract form, at a low-level dosage.

Healthline has a handy summary of the common varieties you might find on the label, including:

Mushroom coffee is also generally low in caffeine, with many blends containing less than half the amount found in a cup of regular coffee. 

Mushroom coffee benefits

Now for the potential benefits. Mushroom powders are said to support our health and wellbeing in a variety of ways, and could: 

Overall, really promising stuff!

If we look at the science on mushroom powder blends specifically, the jury is still out. We need more studies to verify these health effects, and it’s worth speaking to your medical team if you’re interested in trying a mushroom blend, and are currently pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any prescribed meds. 

So, given all this – what’s our Content Manager’s take? 

Over to Hollie.

The Shruum – A mushroom powder drink blend with coffee extract

I’ve seen a lot of hype around replacing coffee with mushrooms. 

I’m a complete coffee addict (I’m a three to four cups a day kinda gal when I’m in the office during the week) so I really wanted to try something to jazz up my busy daily routine – and The Shruum mushroom powder, created by up-and-coming UK brand jrny, has been touted as one of the best around. 


jrny founder Jamal was diagnosed with ADHD in 2023 and developed The Shruum blend after hearing about the latest research on functional mushrooms in supporting focus, calm and harnessing many of the positive natural abilities that individuals with ADHD have.

I don’t have ADHD, but The Shruum blend is also said to be great for anyone wanting to improve their brain health and productivity – it should work if you’re undiagnosed or neurotypical, too.

What’s inside

Its vegan formula contains four dual-extracted mushrooms, two ancient herbal medicines as well as coffee and extract in a cocoa powder base – and comes out at about £1.33 per serving.

There’s a really transparent ingredients list on their website which is a big tick for me.

How I’ve been drinking it

I’ve been replacing my afternoon coffee with The Shruum mushroom powder most working days for about four weeks now.

You can drink it with water or milk (hot or cold) or add a serving to your usual coffee, smoothie or protein shake. 

I make mine with hot water and enjoy it straight up on its own.

A motivating buzz, without the coffee crash

First off – a big difference I’ve noticed is it doesn’t make me feel lethargic like my usual afternoon coffee would. I get a good, motivating buzz which keeps me going until the end of the day.

Improved (and sustained) focus in the afternoon is another plus for me. I usually find I’m flagging a bit by 5 pm, but I’ve definitely been able to focus for longer lately.

I don’t tend to get jitters from coffee, probably because I drink so much of it, but I have noticed The Shruum sits better in my stomach than my usual coffee – a nice extra benefit.

A delicious, not-too-sweet coffee taste

I am not a hot chocolate fan and don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so I was a little worried about the cocoa taste at first.

But a bitter, delicious coffee taste shines through for me! Adding a splash of oat milk (barista version of course) means I really can’t tell the difference.

Using the steel scoop spoon for measuring out the exact recommended servings has become a bit of a mindful ritual for me, and whilst I love how easy it is to use, I have had a few clumpy powder moments… maybe I need frother in my life?

My final The Shruum review

I love it! It’s replaced coffee for me in the afternoon, and it’s a welcome change to my office routine, giving me all the plus points of coffee, without that lethargic, coming-down feeling.

I wish I’d had something like it sooner.

I’d love to see if it can replace my morning brew (that’s going to be a big ask!) but for the time being, I’ll happily keep it up as my afternoon go-to.

Have a look at jrny’s The Shruum bundles here – they’ve got a handy range of value subscription options that’ll get you free delivery, too. 

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