Pregnancy after infertility

Emiliana Hall, founder of The Mindful Birth Group®  |   13 Jun 2023

Pregnancy after infertility can be a very emotionally challenging experience. The journey of infertility can feel like being on a rollercoaster, going up and down with feelings of hope, excitement and disappointment. The fear and anxiety of not knowing when or if you will conceive can become deeply ingrained in your psyche, and pregnancy after infertility may bring its own set of unique anxieties.

The Mindful Birth Group® are an antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal course provider that understands how a complicated fertility journey may impact how you feel during pregnancy. We support our teachers to support you in the way that you need at each step of your pregnancy.

The nature of anxiety during pregnancy after a complicated fertility journey is unique in that it stems from a history of disappointment and fear of recurrence. Many who have struggled to conceive may worry that their pregnancy is not going to last or that they may experience complications that could prevent them from carrying a healthy baby to term. These fears can be overwhelming and lead to heightened anxiety levels.

However, there are strategies that can be implemented to manage these anxieties. Here are some principles that can help:

  1. Focus on the present: It is important to stay focused on the present moment, rather than worrying about what may happen in the future. Mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation can be helpful in grounding yourself in the present moment. A hypnobirthing course that is mindful of their approach is a great way to learn these tools to use during pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery too.
  2. Seek support: It is important to have a support system in place during this time. Support can come in many forms, such as a therapist, support groups, or loved ones who have been through a similar experience.
  3. Stay active: Engaging in physical activity can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels. It can also be beneficial for your overall physical health during pregnancy.
  4. Verbalise your fears: It can be helpful to talk about your fears and anxieties to a trusted friend or therapist. Talking about fears and concerns can help to alleviate some of the stress associated with them.
  5. Consider other therapies: Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or massage, can be helpful in reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation during pregnancy.
The Mindful Birth Group Pregnancy Yoga Mindfullness

In addition to these strategies, there are specific tools that can be used to manage anxiety. Here are some examples:

  1. Yoga: This is great way to reduce stress and promote relaxation during pregnancy. There are many prenatal yoga classes that cater specifically to pregnant people, and can provide a supportive environment.
  2. Support groups: Joining a virtual or in-person support group for people who have experienced a fertility journey can provide a sense of community and support. It can be helpful to talk to others who have been through a similar experience and can provide guidance and advice.
  3. Talking: Talking to a therapist or trusted friend about fears and anxieties can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  4. Deep breathing: Deep breathing techniques can be used to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. Taking deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose can help to calm the body and mind.
  5. Visualisation: Visualisation techniques can be used to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. Imagining a peaceful scene or visualising a positive outcome can help to reduce stress levels.

The fear and anxiety associated with previous infertility can be deeply ingrained and may resurface during pregnancy. However, there are strategies and tools that can be implemented so please, do not feel at a complete loss if this is you. With the right support and tools, those who have experienced infertility can navigate pregnancy feeling calmer and more confident.

The Mindful Birth Group® are here for you every step of the way with our dedicated team of teachers and our award-winning antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal courses. Our online Parent Hub (which is included with the course or can be accessed via a £10/month subscription) includes pregnancy yoga, relaxation sessions, ask the midwife chat, postnatal support and much more.

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